In partnership with the Solidarity Fund.

One of the most alarming developments of this current surge of Covid-19 infections in South Africa has been the number of medical professionals that have been infected. 

“Half our consultants have COVID.

“More than half my colleagues had COVID or are currently in quarantine.

“Hospital is FULL. No oxygen points. Private hospitals are FULL. Not accepting more patients. No beds anywhere.

“And this is not yet the peak.

“Guys. We are all going to pay for your inability to be responsible with our LIVES.”

The doctor quoted by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his address to the nation in late December strikes a particularly grim note. Medical professionals are struggling to cope with the growing number of people who are seriously ill with the Coronavirus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported recently that health workers account for one in seven COVID-19 cases on average, rising to one in three in some countries.

Unlike the rest of us, medical professionals cannot choose to distance themselves from those fighting severe Covid-19 infections.

This week SA Medical Association KZN chairperson Dr Mvuyisi Mzukwa told The Mercury that doctors were “drowning because hospitals are overloaded” with Covid-19 infections.

“We almost on a daily basis get reports that a doctor has passed. We need the assistance of the public in terms of respecting the restrictions imposed because they are meant to relieve the healthcare system.”

They do not have the option to stay at home, or keep a safe distance from others. We do. 

We can make changes to our lives to ensure we stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

  1. Stay at home as much as possible
  2. If you do leave the house, keep wearing a mask properly 
  3. If you do leave the house, keep a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household.

And remember, we have already learned so many new behaviours since the pandemic began. This is just a continuation of what we know will work. We have to do our bit to help our doctors.