Don’t be a mampara this festive season – A message from the Solidarity Fund

We protect ourselves to protect each other. The best gift we can receive and give during this festive season under the cloud of Coronavirus, is the gift of caring for the safety of each other. Stop the spread. Don’t think masks are for losers. Don’t be a mampara.

This is the appeal from The Solidarity Fund at a time when the country reports a frightening surge in Coronavirus infections and as many South Africans get set to travel, celebrate and reconnect with friends and family over the December / January period. 

The festive season is now officially the second wave season, when the virus takes advantage of negligence, complacency and the pandemic fatigue felt by all South Africans. It is more important than ever that South Africans continue to practice responsible behaviours to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Although the economy, out of necessity, has opened up, the pandemic is still a part of our lives, and one that will be so for some time. 

The Solidarity Fund has seen second waves devastate other nations, and this campaign aims to remind citizens that the most effective weapon against the virus lies with them – taking responsibility for their own behaviours by: 

  1. Keep wearing a mask properly (cover your nose and mouth)
  2. Keep avoiding large indoor gatherings (ventilation is key) and 
  3. Keep practicing social distancing.

“It is human nature that we are going to let our guard down as the holidays begin,” says Wendy Tlou, the Solidarity Fund’s Behavioural Change Pillar Executive Head, “but we are appealing to and reminding everyone to keep up with the basics to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

“My responsibility is to protect you, your responsibility is to protect me and together we protect our country. Let’s learn to co-exist with this virus safely. Whether we are on an airplane or in a taxi, shopping in an exclusive boutique or back home with our grandparents.”

The campaign, conceptualised by Joe Public United urges us to not behave like a mampara, an ibhari, a mabena or chop. And also some entertaining (and informative) tips on how to live alongside Coronavirus – follow the hashtag #UnityInAction. The campaign goes live across South Africa on 18th December with TVC’s, radio, outdoor, print, digital, social media, PR and influencers – a full 360 integrated campaign to reach all citizens across our country.

The Solidarity Fund was established as a rapid response vehicle to mobilise South Africa in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting health, humanitarian and social consequences. The Fund works to augment the government’s response to this unprecedented challenge by assisting existing programmes and initiatives across all nine provinces. Inspired by our nation’s resolve , unity and spirit we are committed to creating impact through our ongoing work to manage and eventually, contain this virus. For detailed information and reporting about donations received, projects and approvals, as well as the impact the Fund is having, visit