Ebola: How one little boy danced his way to recovery [VIDEO]


As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues unabated, there comes a moment of lightness in the form of a bubbly 11-year old boy who beat the odds against the disease.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) relates the story of Mamadee who, despite suffering for weeks with Ebola – the symptoms of which include nausea, fever, muscle pain, fatigue, abdominal pain and diarrhoea – never lost his childish playfulness.

Despite being confined to MSFâ€s Case Management Centre (CMC) in Foya, Liberia, for three weeks, Mamadee continued to dance to the radio and play with whatever he could find, whether it was a tin can or a water sachet.

To many, it seemed impossible that Mamadee could be a patient himself but his blood tests proved otherwise – he was indeed infected with Ebola.

“His attitude is definitely exceptional. Every day, the boy spreads a good spirit to the patients and staff. He is always smiling and happy,” MSFâ€s Dr Roberta Petrucci said.

Only one in three patients survives this deadly disease. Among the deceased was Mamadeeâ€s older sister, Mayan, who succumbed to Ebola after a few days. According to MSF, Ebola has claimed 2 461 lives as of 13 September. Mamadee was one of the fortunate few.

Read more about Mamadeeâ€s story here.

 – Featured image via MSF/Martin Zinggl


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