Ebola in Liberia: Where are the Africans?

CBS’s Lara Logan recently traveled to Liberia to report from the Ebola hot zone. But her reporting is now being held up as a lesson to others on how not to report on a disaster in a foreign country.

The South African born journalist managed to capture some rare footage of an American-run hospital outside the capital Monrovia. She spoke to doctors and nurses, and illuminating the conditions under which staff to work in order to save life.

Curiously though, Logan failed to interview any Liberians on camera, be it patient, volunteer or doctor.

Let that sink in for a moment. This is a story about Ebola in Liberia – one of the three hardest hit countries in West Africa – and there is isn’t a single Liberian featured in her report.

Veteran Africa correspondent Howard French first recognised the report as pitiful balderdash, and went on to post a very lively rant lambasting Logan and the 60 minutes team for their naughty mistake.

“There’s a large literature of what’s meant by Africa w/out Africans. Common examples come from journalism that quotes just diplomats + aid workers + foreign experts of one kind of another. Usually, they’ll throw in a quote from a taxi driver or an anonymous market worker to cover their, you know…” French wrote.

Obviously, speaking to the local folk and getting them on camera was too hard for Logan and her team, who tried their darndest to make the story as much about American philanthropy as they possibly could.

As French puts it:

The video is still worth a watch. If not for the Ebola, it will help explain how so many western journalists view the continent (read: as one big backdrop)

PS: Mute Logan while watching the video for more satisfying viewing.

  1. Effectively Anonymous says

    Why didn’t you not mention the media blackout in Liberia?

    Answer: because crying ‘racism’ is far easier than actually taking action to fix your own problems. Shame on you for pretending to be a reporter and withholding information critical to the full story. Shame on you.

    You should be working on getting rid of your over-abundance of corrupt leaders, because it is your BLACK countrymen who are most holding you all back.

    Like the dipshit “Professor” in Sierra Leone who wants NGOs to report to the government where their money is going. That’s MY money, not that corrupt Marxist’s money. You let ME worry about how MY money is being spent. I gave it to NGOs specifically because I can’t trust Africans to help Africans.

    Let that sink in for a moment, then go fix your countries. While you’re at it, stop complaining about the people trying to help you, it’s disgusting.

    1. AssociateEd says

      thanks for your comment. Very insightful.

    2. Goolam Dawood says

      What Media Blackout? Doesn’t the United States scrutinize the worlds finances against “terror”, blocking and inspecting NGO’s all the time? Don’t Africans have a say about where money they receive should get spent?

      BTW, as for YOUR money, what I think Africans are effectively saying is, keep your money and return the net loss of 20 million people kidnapped and enslaved, and we’ll call it even.

      Maybe you should let the truth sink in before you get on your midget high horse before start speaking about it, rather than parroting your usual war-crime-justifying fascist imperialist dogma. Let that sink in.

  2. Goolam Dawood says


    Journalism in the United States finally succumbed to it’s multiple injuries by the American-Industrial complex, and died shortly before the illegal invasion of Iraq.

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