Eldorado Park: Not so cold outside the ANC


While the ANC’s rally took place in Eldorado Park last weekend, just across the road, other residents carried on with their business as usual. For them it was just another day. Whereas the ANC supporters were curious to hear Gwede Mantashe tabulate the party’s plan for the community, they had a variety of reasons for not taking part in the rally. Some have lost interest in politics; some do not want Zuma to be the next president, and others claim they just had more important things to do. UYANDA SIYOTULA spoke to residents who did not attend the rally.


Byron Metherell, 24

I cannot vote for Zuma. He is driving our country to the ground. There are a lot of other things besides Nkandla, like e-tolls, crime, unemployment, a lot really. For me he is not intelligent enough… he cannot even read a speech properly. So I can’t vote for someone like that. There are people whose homes were flooded and they were promised repairs, but that still has not happened, but he is building Nkandla and taking all that money for his body guards. How many houses could have been built without that money? I am not sure which party to vote for, but maybe DA. Actually, I am not sure… they are all the same.





Ferlane Mohammed, 32

I had no idea the ANC was coming… nobody notified me about it. They normally send pamphlets informing us about such things, but this time we did not get any. I would not say there was no one at home because there are many of us in the house and someone is always around. Even my neighbours did not know about it. I am not sure which party I will vote for but I have always voted for the ANC, so I’ll see.






Gavin Peterson, 47

Well, there were a lot of things I had planned for the day. I am fortunate that I am near to the stadium and I can hear everything they are saying. What I heard through the speakers was them talking about the things they have done in other areas and that they did not do much here in Eldos, which is true. The last thing that was done here was when the president came because of the drug problem, but now it’s back to square one. The pressure died out. So we need consistency, not for people to show up when there are rallies. They should be visible throughout the five years they are in office. Well, I cannot tell you who I am voting for, that is my secret and my democratic right… not even my wife knows.






Jeandre Louw, 19

I did not go to there because politically I have lost interest. When it comes to politics there is just a lot of corruption. As a young person, I rely on news to keep track of what is going on in the country, not rallies. I have registered to vote though. What party am I going to vote for? Well, DA. I don’t know why though, hey, maybe it’s because it’s a stereotype that all coloureds vote for the DA. In the ANC there is a lot of corruption and propaganda, so, no, thank you.







Keanan Mannus, 23

I would not vote for the ruling party because they never deliver on their promises. Here, street lights are not working, the crime rate is high and the police are as corrupt as our president, so that is one of the reasons why I did not go to the rally. Last year the president came here to address the drug problem but he did not even come back for feedback and now it is worse. So their coming here is a publicity stunt. Thing is, I wanted to vote for the DA, but they are busy looking at the ANC’s faults and not saying what it is that they can do better. Well, I understand that as a president you cannot satisfy everyone, but what I have to say to him is, look after other communities, deliver on your promises and study more.


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