#ElectionResults live blog day 2


Welcome back to The Daily Vox’s Election Results live blog. Today is likely to be the final day of vote counting and processing. The team will be reporting live from the results centre.

22:00 That’s it for team today. There won’t be a live blog tomorrow. But we will be bringing you the official results live when they are released.

21:20 During the IEC’s final briefing for the day, they announced that at the level of capturing, 99.3 % of results are already in the system awaiting scanning and auditing. Of the 64 062 results captured, 62 539 have audited and 58 956 have been scanned into an image and thus available.

19:45 As of the latest numbers on the dashboard, 85% of the votes have been counted. there are currently 52 hung councils and 54 councils have not yet been calculated.

19:15 At the national results centre, the ANC, DA and Action SA addressed the media on their thoughts on the results.

19:14 In their latest briefing, the IEC has said that t the level of capturing, 96.9 per cent of results are already in the system awaiting scanning and auditing. This means of the 64 502 results expected, 62 500 have been captured into the results system.

The number of completed municipalities now stands 139 from a total of 257.

14:34 This is the latest from the Western Cape results centre.

14:22 There are still concerns about the vote counting being around 67%. Political analyst Sithebmile Mbete tweeted: “Main determinant of how long counting takes isn’t voter turnout, it’s disputes about counting at voting stations. The more contested the election, the longer it takes to verify results. @IECSouthAfrica erred in saying all results would be in by midnight. It was never possible.”

13:22 During conversations with various political parties at the results centre, many have admitted there is a need for civic education among communities. Also on the results board, the counting still sits at 67%. However, this could just mean that the results have not gone through the final processing.

13:15 Addressing media at the National Results Centre, Action SA leader Herman Mashaba said his party has achieved their objectives – they have reduced the ANC’s majority in the areas where the party contested.

11:29 In a statement released by the Cry of the Xcluded, the movement says the election results shows that the “xcluded” have lost confidence in South Africa’s elite.

10:50 Currently the completed voting districts is sitting at 67%. Questions are likely to be asked of the IEC who yesterday said 90% of the vote counting would be completed by midnight.

10:40 The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) presented their 2021 Local Government Elections: Election Satisfaction Survey (ESS). The survey was conducted to determine the opinions of voters with regards to the freeness and fairness of the electoral process.

08:04 Our team has been covering communities and individuals for the past weeks. We are now looking at how the results.

08:02 There are currently 35 hung councils with 109 left to be counted. Of the 213 councils, only 69 are total controlled.

07:53 Yesterday the Electoral Commission said 90% of the votes would be counted by midnight yesterday. However, on day two of the votes counting, only 58% of votes have been counted.

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