Ethiopia gears up for its first sci-fi movie

    Crumbs, a new film by award-winning Spanish director Miguel Llansó, is crushing sci-fi stereotypes with its depiction of a post-apocalyptic Ethiopia.

    Llansó boasts about the fact that it is the country’s first movie of this calibre. Although the film was not written or directed by an Ethiopian, it is set in Ethiopia and features Ethiopian actors including Selam Tesfaye and Daniel Tadesse Gagano.

    The film is centred around the lives of Birdy and Candy, played by Tesfatye and Gagano, who have survived a “big war” that has decimated the global population and live in a desolate bowling alley. The pair must fight the evil post-apocalyptic bad guys to survive.

    Crumbs figure by rock [via Facebook]In a Rotterdam film festival review, the Hollywood Reporter described the film as “outlandish and imaginative” and compared it to the likes of South Africa’s District 9.

    The change in scenery from the usual metropolitan settings of post-apocalyptic films to rural Ethiopia adds to the eerie nature of the film. Plus, Father Christmas makes an appearance as well.

    You can read more about the film on OkayAfrica.

    Watch the trailer:

    – Featured images ia Crumbs Facebook page