Eusebius may not have a PhD, but he twars cum laude


DA leader Helen Zille has been heavily criticised this week for the Western Cape government’s cancellation of its Cape Times subscription by, among others, columnist Eusebius McKaiser. Of course, attack is the best mode of defence, and when the opportunity arose, Zille was quick to question McKaiser’s academic credentials. However, it’s never a good idea to take on a debating champion…

– Featured image: Via Eusebius McKaiser’s Facebook page.


  1. “A Citizen of the world: McKaiser is a native of Grahamstown, where he did his undergraduate degree at Rhodes University before going on to do his masters’s at Oxford”.

    “Eusebius studied law and politics at Rhodes and at Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.”

    Neither article mentions that Eusebius McKaiser did not complete his studies at Oxford, so the public is deceived into believing that he graduated there.


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