Everyone is sorry and no one is a cockroach


When Julius Malema was a young lion and ANC Youth League president, he was prone to making controversial statements. (What’s changed?)

Back in 2010, when Malema said DA leader Helen Zille was “a cockroach and must be voted out of power” perhaps Malema hadn’t realised that one day this insult would come back to bite him.

Over the weekend at a provincial ANC conference, Speaker Baleka Mbete called Malema an “irritant” and “cockroach” and the EFF “thugs” and “pawns”.

The comments made by Mbete did not sit well with South Africans – at least not those on Twitter.

However, yesterday the speaker of Parliament apologised unconditionally and all was forgiven.

The incident prompted DA leader Helen Zille to remember that she was once called a cockroach too – by none other than Malema himself. Zille voiced a wish to receive an apology of her own. Naturally the request was made via her favourite medium, Twitter.

In the spirit of forgiving and being forgiven, Juju wasted no time.

But the apology was flawed. 

And then tweeps caught on to the exchange. Cute don’t you think?

Some people had grander ideas about what Malema and Zille could do if they keep playing nicely together.

Meanwhile, we wonder what the cockroaches make of all this?

Illustration: By Nathi Ngubane.



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