Everything you need to know about NSFAS 2015


For all its hitches, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is the answer to many matriculants’ prayers, providing a way for those who would otherwise not be able to afford an education to get their degrees. AAISHA DADI PATEL breaks down everything you need to know about applying for NSFAS.

UPDATE: Please refer to the link below for the latest information pertaining to NSFAS.

Everything You Need To Know About NSFAS 2019

What exactly is NSFAS?
NSFAS is a government scheme set up to help young people pay for tuition at any of the 25 public universities and 50 public FET colleges in the country. NSFAS provides loans and scholarships that will cover your tuition, accommodation, living expenses and travel while you study.

Who qualifies for NSFAS?
All South African citizens, registered at South African institutions, who are in need of financial assistance and can prove that they’ll be academically successful, are eligible for NSFAS funding. While NSFAS funds primarily undergraduate students, further study can also be covered if it is required for your chosen career. (This would be that case, for example, with law, which requires you to have a postgraduate, LLB degree.)

How do I apply?
It’s quite simple, really. Full time registered students who meet the entry requirements for the scheme just have to complete and submit NSFAS applications forms at their university’s financial aid offices. The only catch is that funding isn’t automatically renewed, so students need to make sure to reapply every year.

How do they decide who makes the cut?
To determine who qualifies for NSFAS, applicants have to undergo a ‘means test’ to rank how financially needy they are. This is a formula which takes into account the household income, the number of dependents in the household, and the family’s cost of living. Usually, students with an annual household income of R160,000 or less will be eligible to apply. A family contribution to the fees may, however, need to be made, depending on the means test.

Do I need to pay it all back?
The short answer is yes, you really should. Loan repayments are encouraged in order to help fund new generations of students in need of NSFAS. But it depends on your marks. Depending on the quality of your results, up to 40% of NSFAS loans can be converted to bursaries.

Loan repayments are based on the salary that you earn; you start paying them back once your salary is R30,000 or more per year. The repayment rate is reasonable: 3% of the annual salary, increasing to a maximum of 8% when your salary reaches R59,300 or more per year. This means you will pay back R900 a year on a salary of R30 000 a year, or R84 per month. Not a bad deal, especially when you consider that the interest charged on the loan is subsidised at 80% of the rate that the commercial rate banks would charge.

Even though the NSFAS Act of 1999 allows NSFAS to have employers deduct loan repayments from the monthly salaries of those who’ve been assisted by the scheme, about 20% of NSFAS recipients have never paid back a cent. In 2013, NSFAS was owed R15.6-billion in unpaid loans. This means the next generation of needy students have to fight that much harder for a piece of the pie. So if you get NSFAS funding and you get your degree, be a good sport and pay back the money.

Is it plain-sailing after I get my NSFAS funding?
Not always. There are countless stories about students whose fees or additional costs, like res fees, weren’t fully paid, whose living expenses were paid late or who struggled to get NSFAS to pay their registration on time. Administration, particularly when split between a state organisation like NSFAS and a university or college, can be tricky. So be aware that having confirmed NSFAS funding doesn’t mean that all your expenses will be covered. You also might need to spend lots of time on the phone, writing emails or queueing at the financial aid office for clarification and advice. The bottom line is, you might simply have to pay some expenses out of your own pocket.

For more information, visit the NSFAS website or your institution’s financial aid office.

Is applying for a NSFAS loan as easy as it looks on paper? If you are a NSFAS-funded student, or a rejected NSFAS applicant, please share your story with us via email. Don’t forget to include your phone number, so we can follow up with you.

– Featured image: By Aaisha Dadi Patel.

UPDATE: We are aware that loan sharks have been posting comments on this article offering student loans. These loan offers are fraudulent and will be deleted as they are posted. For any enquiries about NSFAS applications and funding, please contact NSFAS directly at 0860 067 327 or email them at info@nsfas.org.za


  1. I have a problem iam studyin at university of zululand and was rejected by nsfas due to my marks but i realy want to finish my degree since i was supposed to complete last year

  2. I have been funded by NSFAS for the past 2 years and I only got a message that funds have depleted 4 days before the closing of registration .I am stranded and I really have no idea how to get an altervative source of fund at this time of rhe year.I was not rejected and I know there are other students out there lookng for financial assistance as much as I do,bt how do I complete my degree when they abandon me in my third year?

    • Sir/Madam!

      Kindly accept my application for a bursary offered by NEFSAS, as I ‘m a child of former freedom fighter, but my father is unable to assist me to further my studies. I am doing second year in Bcom Business Management at Pearson Higher Learning Institution( used to kinown as “Cti Education Group based at Menlyn”).

      Your assistance in this application will be highly appreciated.

  3. Dear sir/madam am a student at mpilo royal college doing community health care level 2,may you please help me with the NSFAS i really need it,to make my dreams to be true.my number is 0782920135.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have recently applied for NSFAS but was rejected due to the salary slip. I only have one parent who is financially supporting a family of 5 people. I am disappointed to think that NSFAS rejected my application. A great deal of stress has been on my shoulders of whether or not I will be able to finish my LLB Law Degree. I am desperate for financial aid.

  5. im studying inekurhuleni East college i have applied for a bursaries but i haven’t received any thing even today. im doing my N6, l have tried to call but they said nothing. im owning R6. 000 and i didn’t even get any sms.what should i do?

  6. im a wsu student @ ibika campus im doing 2nd year now each year i apply but this year i only received an sms which says insufficient funds so i want to know that cant you help me because i need this loan

  7. I have apply for university but I can’t get source of fund for 2017, how can I do to get NSFAS

  8. I’m currently studying at LETABA TVET COLLEGE at Giyani campus and i am doing electrical engineering and i can’t be able to pay my fees so i need to apply for NSFAS Loan but i have no clue please help me to build my future and community’s future.

  9. Hey im a student at Unisa and i applied for nsfas for 2nd semester 2016 but I never got any response I waited and waited and had to borrow money on last minutes to pay since Iv been waiting for a response.I am going to try again for 2017 and hope I’ll make it because I really need financial assistance.

  10. I was once accepted by nsfas, did my first year in tourism studies, I did very well with my level2, my marks were great, but struggled bcoz I had no1 to luk aftr my bby, so I cud not go back the following year, can they accept m again for next year if I tried applying???,, I really nid to finish my studies

  11. Hi my name is Rose I’m currently studying at Oxbridge college I’m doing educare and business management N4_N6 I want to apply for NSFAS I’m a single mother of 3 and I’m unemployed pls help me I want to further my studies

  12. Am Thulani i want to study electrical engineering so i do not have funds to do my course, please help how can i apply for NSFAS.if u can able to help please contact me on this number 0626729517.
    Thank you.
    Your help will be highly appretiated with God’s hands.

  13. This NSFAS thou.it’s like u only get approved by luck coz even thou your marks are good and you still deserve to be funded, you always experience problems.

  14. Dear sir/madam am student at unisa I need nsfas to make my dream true,….doing higher certificate in law and willing to do llb next year so I could not afford tuition fee my is 0735254837

  15. Hi I applied NSFAS by a post to help me pay my fees next year 2017 so i wanted to know if my application can be successful because I heard that NSFAS system has changed first year applicant need to apply online .I applied early and attached all the documents need by NSFAS so I want knw dat my application is in the process or what cuz I applied with a hard copy not online PLZ CONTACT ME at 0798373678

  16. UNISA see: http://www.unisa.ac.za/default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=16969

    NSFAS nationwide online application until 30 November 2016: http://www.nsfas.org.za/content/

    all higher education institutions and FET colleges – please apply for NSFAS funding online first. check out your institutions financial aid website for institution bursaries and external funding. go to your public library and apply for a user card and use their internet access (the same card can be used at your central library if the local one does not have PC access)

    once you are accepted by NSFAS you register with a copy of your acceptance letter and you do not need to pay admission or fees.

  17. Hey I Want to know how much money does the bursary offer, Cous others said its R3000 while other Sy its R2000, if its true about R3000 so where does the other money go? MY number is 0798540795

  18. Hello iam nomthandazo Lorraine Ndawonde I have applied for bursary for 2017 .iam currently studying at Unisa iam struggling with the fees iam now blocked because iam failing to pay.my worry now is that in my previous results i have supplementary modules am i not going to get since then ?

  19. Hello my name is Sammie ..want to know whether my application will be processed ..bcoz I live with my mum they were not married nd no proof of supporting documents on my father,s side nd I don’t even know him ..want to know whether they Will consider the application my contact 0743416020..your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    • Go to the social worker or a pastor or principal. They can give you a letter and you will satisfy it then you attache it on the application form they will process it.

  20. Hi my name is nonhle, plz help i applied online for nsfas bursary and my application was successful registered on later that i realise that i forgot to put one of my scaned supporting document , what do i do please help my number is 0736746983

  21. halo I have applied with a hard copy and its the first time. I wanna know if my application will be processed or not. Also I didn’t wrote my id number in my supporting documents. help me

  22. hi my question is i have applied for nsfas on the closing date at about 8h00 in the morning but ever since i never got a notification wether they received my application or not,whilst othjers receive smss every day .what does it mean my no is 0607558137

  23. Am kwanele i hv applied fot nsfas but my problem is the university did not accept me will i get nsfas or not coz i wanna do late application at nwu.

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  25. Dear sir/miss

    My name is Athenkosi Mkatshane I’m a student at CPUT. In 2015 I was rejected by nsfas so i decided to quit , later in the year they decided to clear my debt due to the #feesmustfall campaign. In 2016 i went back to school and applied or nsfas again, again i was rejected because ‘I do not meet the 50% academic requirement’. My APS score is 31. I dont know what to do beause now the results are out and I can’t have them cause I owe the school R20600. I cannot afford to pay.

    Please Help me

  26. Hi my name is Dineo, i am working under contract so i want to know wether my son will qualify for nsfas because i am erning R211000.00.

  27. Dear sir/madam

    My name is nozipho busisiwe mbongwa I currently applied for NSFAS to fund me in 2017,but now I am worried because I haven’t got any message or email regarding my request.please help i am really stressed.

    Yours faithfull

  28. Hi my name is Anna I am a forth year student at Unisa I currently applied to get funding from Nsfas as this is my Last year I have not received any message from Nsfas to say how my application has been processed and I am worried because Nsfas did not fund me in 2016 so i have reapplied for 2017.

  29. my name is Tshegofatso I have applied fair NSFAS on the last day(closing date) I am so stressed I haven’t even received an sms ever since the results got out not even from one of the bursaries I have applied to does this mean I won’t get the funding?
    if that is soo please help me please I might be a stranger but I really need financial help I can’t imagine my life without studying
    contact me at 0795767793 on e-mail me at http://www.tshegomakgabo@Gmail.com

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  31. Hie am Ellnes Mabuse i have applay for nsfas on the last day of closing date 30 November 2016 and I haven’t resieve any replayed yet does that means my application is unsecces pleas replay

  32. Hey…I have applied to nsfas and my status say financial eligibility evaluated….so I want to know what it means…please help…reply to this email:tokelobetse17@gmail.com

  33. Hie am Ellnes Mabuse I have apply for nsfas on the closing date of your application which was 30 november2016 I dit not get any respond from u I have only found an email that tell me that their busy processing my application , now I have resive a student no at tut so I don’t know should I cherk with them and show your email that your still processing my application pls respond my cell no( 0818073600)

  34. I have applied at nsfas last year…nd when i check my nsfas account it says i am Provisional funded…so i dont know whether they have accepted me or not….just need answers 2 that

  35. hy i have applied for nsfas but the varsity that accepted me i didnt write it in my nsfas form…what will happend to ma bursary?

  36. I desperately need help to furder my studies.please nsfas help me I’m an orphan depending on my partner who earns less than 3000 per month an I want to study agriculture in plant production at de university of mpumalanga I really need funding

  37. Im a student who wukk be registering st UNISA second semester so how will I be able to get NSFAS since it closes on the 20thjan
    and regiateration at UNISA star in 28 April

    • I’m a Student who will be registering at UNISA for a Second semester so will NSFAS be able to help me since they are closing on the 20th Jan and while registration open in Aprel at UNISA

  38. I want to study Bcom accounting in Damelin can nesfas give me a bursary to study there or they don’t fund students who wish to study at Damelin.. I couldn’t find space in universities because I applied late

    • I apply for NSFAS before 30th November 2016,i didn’t get the respont.I really need NSFAS to make my dreams come true.It my first year at DUT (business and information management )my contacts 0604203223

  39. Am ester tshangana i applied for nsfas last year then i got an email on december saying “thank you for your application we will be communicating with you soon so i need to know how soon because its only 4days before registration please help

  40. hey um masabatha i was using nsfas last year and have updated my deatail bt u hvnt got anythng um very woried plz help me my number 0834086480

  41. Hi I applied for a busary for my son i earn a basic and comm but i applied with my december payslip which is normally much more comm just for that month. Most month i only get a basic. So how do they calculate it?

  42. Hey i have applied for nsfas so my status is financial Eligibility Evaluated.so i just want to enquire about my status,what does my status mean. Pls do email me my answer at: magdelainemmama76@gmail or call or sms me at:0732018453

  43. hi I want to know that as my application approved what do I do from there..I have been waiting and I’m not receiving anything and when I check in the nsfas university system they same I’m not in the system. my number is 0826480052

  44. Dear sir/madam. I applied for Nsfas and I haven’t got any replay and I can do anything because my family has no money to register me and right now the Varsities are about to open. Nsfas is ma only hope for me to chase ma dreams to make ma dreams come true n to provied for ma family once I’m done with my studies.when I check my status it says Provisionally funded my numbers 0611567021

  45. Hi I received an email on the 9th of January saying I’m provisionally funded and I’ve registered with Wits University but I not sure if Nsfas did pay the registration fee or I’ve registered with my Wits entrance scholarship because if I check my status through Wits student portal it say I’ve no application. Please help, what is the next step from here.

  46. hy im ntuli nobuhle my nsfas status always says “go back to yor login page”so does this mean im regected?????? plz help me .0780760570

  47. Hi I have received an email saying that I am provisionally funded but when I asked about my registration fee at Rhodes University they said that I haven’t been funded by NSFAS.I just wanted to ask what’s wrong. MY contact number is 0638048268

  48. Hi my name Nellie Tsasanyane 2nd year bed student at unisa,I got an email that I’m provisionally funded by Nsfas hasn’t paid anything and the d_date for payments was the 5th Feb,my student no is 38849380 please assist

    • Hi my name is Neo my nafsas status kept saying upload docs when I try it did not go through was suppose to study political science at north west university this year,but now I’m a stay home teenager who’s miserable and doing nothing I’m only 19 and want to study so bad please Nsfas help me out my no is 0717854861

  49. I applied for NSFAS last around september and my status says waiting for available funds am confused dont know what that means please help….Am desperate to know please help

  50. I just passed my matric with a high certificate and I really want nsfas to help me further my studies. Do I qualify? Please help

  51. I just received a msg from nsfas saying i don’t meet the Financial criteria, my dad lost his job and my mom earn less than the R500 000 threshhold. Can any one explain how this thing work, can i appeal ? this is frustrating.

  52. Hi,i have logged in to my nsfas account and got the message saying ”Rejected Financial Ineligible” so i dont understand what it means even though it says rejected… .plz help

  53. My child for rejected by nsfas. More is : do not meet the criteria” what criteria I ask. I’m a single parent trying make ends meet. Can nsfas at least give me a loan. My child’s father passed away in 2015 after being unemployed for 10 years due to illness. Some please help.

  54. H pls help my my application say prvitionally funded withdrew aplication what must i do because ai hv already registered for my module and it seems ike a hv maked no payment when ai chack to mynisa what the problem pls hlp me

  55. I have applied and it has founded me but am nt getting space in university or college Will it reject me or not ? And how long does it wait for me to get varsity or college?

  56. I got a space at the university after a closing date of NSFAS…..Im a full time learner and I don’t have any money to pay for my studies….will NSFAS re-open on Second semester so that I can apply?

  57. hi guys yoh im also in the dark because my status say Financial Eligibility Evaluated and i dont know what it means i really need to hear from nsfas because im from oudtshoorn but now at the university of free state and i havent heard anythin from nsfas yet. i am really worried because classes have started allready and i cant attend because i havent registered and tehy wont allow me in class.

  58. Am a first year student at ukzn an I applied for nsfas last year an I didn’t get an sms but if I check my status its says dat”provisional funded” what can I do now? Plzz help

  59. Why do nsfas turn the parents application down as the student will pay back the loan when working. This is so unfair towards the child that wants to study. There is alot of children that is not in need of nsfas but they do get it. The application is done for the child that need assistance not the parent.

  60. I am first year student at south west gauteng college.nd i applied for nsfas this year and i didn’t get an sms.so i need some help what can i do now help please

  61. hi I’m Ally I’ve done my application early last year but since then still waiting for nsfas. how can I knw if my application is rejected. my number is 0781305512. I’m already paid registration and I can’t hv other money since I’m orphan

  62. I applied for NSFAS early this year because they extended the date, they sent me a message saying I don’t meet the financial criteria. I applied using my mum’s payslip because she earns R120000 per annum. Is it possible to reapply for nsfas again and get accepted? Is it also possible to using my father’s grant form because he has a mental disability and not use my mum’s or do they keep record of information?

  63. Does nsfas going to fund postgraduates student for the academic year 2017? Last year i heard people saying that its not gonna fund bt am surprised because some of my classmates have received messages that they are going to be funded.

  64. dear sir/madam i got a message from nfsas saying that my application have been approved so i want to know what do i do because i got accepted to study public management governance at UJ so what im i supposed to do ……..pls email me at benjaminletsatsi97@gmail.com or contact me at 0767659208 i will be kindly waiting for ur feed back

  65. Hey m bongekil ngcongo i applied for nsfas last yr nd they sent m an sms says my nsfas is submitted what does dat mean n if they say ido got it my problem iz dat my mother doent work n she cant aford my registration fee what must i do

  66. I received a message saying that “i am provisionally funded pending”, which i don’t know what to do now. I am currently xperiencing stress since my parent is earning little. I would like u 2 help me as very soon as possible!


  67. Your Comment hi I received a massage that say provisionally funded pending .I am worried because I did applyed @ Roodepoort college.but my application was not successful . I have applied for health care.then I went back applied for other courses hospitality and EDucare .in hospitality it was full.in educare they say I did not meet the requirements. and I have been applying since 2015.but don’t get luck.so I don’t know what to do any more .what will happened if I applied at any other collages like impilo royal college or gems health care college.

  68. Hi I’m Shabangu Lulama the applicant of NSFAS,I applied for NSFAS to fund me for the year of 2017 at unniversities but my first choise was not the institution that Iam registered with and I dont know how to do transfer of NSFAS from UNIZULU to UFS .And last year I was NSFAS student at Majuba tvet college

  69. Hi I’m Shabangu Lulama the applicant of NSFAS,I applied for NSFAS to fund me for the year of 2017 at unniversities but my first choise was not the institution that Iam registered with and I dont know how to do transfer of NSFAS from UNIZULU to UFS .And last year I was NSFAS student at Majuba tvet college,my contact Number: 0810936324

  70. I am a student @motheo TVET college I applied for nsfas busury for my first year in 2017 ,other student got feedback and others are already funded I dont know how long must I wait because after 6 month I must pay my course to get my results

  71. Hi ,i received a massage from NSFAS saying I’m provisionally funded pending registration,c u pls tell me what’s tht mean?0720559403

  72. Hi ,i received a massage from NSFAS saying I’m provisionally funded pending registration,can you pls tell me what’s tht mean?0720559403

  73. I’m very disappointed nfsas has declined me I am the only child in the family who has achieved a matric certificate with a pass to further my education I even got accounting distinction my mother is a security officer at Hlanganani protection services and earns only enough to buy food and my father past away last year. I am the only person which The whole family is looking up to, to take us out of proverty I am able to provide all the proof of my family. My family will remain in deep poverty forever. Plz help me

  74. Hi , i am lebogang keagile , i have applied manually on the 10 of january i am from tvet college , i am know stressed my contacts are 0730123269 , please help

  75. Hi. I am an Environmental health first year student and I have applied for nsfas last year october and twice this year but I haven’t got a respond to say I’ve been accepted or not. May you please look into the issue and get back to me so I know where I stand

  76. Hi,i am Felicia Molebogeng Matswalela a second year student at the university of limpopo doing BA in communication studies i applied for NSFAS last and even now I’m still waiting for a respond.i am now stressing because i have not received an e-mail or sms to indicate if i am gonna be funded or not.PLEASE HELP

  77. Your Commenti applied nsfas bt I didn’t get any message n I need money to register because my parents will not afford it because we depending on the grant.how can I know nsfas has taken me or rejected me I need nsfas because I can’t afford anything

  78. Dear sir/madam I am khuthazwa MPOMPI ,I applied for nsfas on 20 January. On Friday I received an SMS says my application referral number 1994…has been approved but I don’t understand that is it an SMS comes from nsfas or not.my number is 0608533483

  79. Dear sir/madam

    My name is ivy since I applied for nsfas early February 2017 I’ve never receive a reply since then.I sent the application form by email and I used cam scanner to scan all the documents needed i’ve been resending the emails since but still no reply

  80. I am Sindisiwe Cele, 22 years of age, I don’t have parents, at home we use foster care grant to support ourselves, my sister is the one whom we call our guidian. I applied for nsfas in November 2016 but they I received a status on the 31st of Jan which says WAITING AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS,I was so happy but in February they rejected, I called and ask them but they said I must appeal, is there a possibility that I mighty not get the funding ????

  81. WAT measures will nsfas take against the mangosuthu university of technology as even today we havnt started getting our food allowances while other universities also in kzn have long gave the allowance to students…this corruption must stop

  82. Hello.I applied for the nsfas bursary but i havnt got any SMS stating the funding of it and i applied this year on the 24 of January the only message i got is the email saying that they are processing my documents.Am getting worried because my classmates got that SMS.

  83. Hi, nsfas funded me on 2013 but i did not write the exams, because i got sick ,so my sickness forced me to just leave the school.what must i do to get nsfas again ineed to continue with my studies

  84. Hi I applied for NSFAS and I was rejected as they said I do not meet financial criteria. I called them to ask why and they said on the online application I said my mother earns R20000 and my husband earns R30000 per month of which I remember very well that on the form they asked for annual salary and I filled in those amounts. I even sents my mother’s bank statement which made it clear that she earns R1950 per month and my husband is self-employed which gives him around R3000 a month but still NSFAS rejected me without checking or searching for the truth. Now am so struggling to pay rent and I do not even have food as they do not afford the standard of living . my number is 0730719678 please help me because my mother suggested that I deregister if NSFAS does not fund me as she can not afford

  85. Good day, I applied for NSFAS funding for my son because he has a disability. We have provided them with all the necessary medical documents. To date we have not been notified of the out come. He is currently at Rhodes University first year student. We live in Durban, this means that my son lives at the residence .I have called NSFAS call centre on numerous times and they keep saying the application is been processed. We don’t mind even if NSFAS covers his accommodation fees for him.

    Please call me on 0845559207. ( Mr Govender)

  86. hey im reginah and completed my matric last year and im currently at home and wanted to apply for nsfas for next I want to study nursing wanted to know if I apply online or via email will my application be considered.I completed my matric with a bachelor and im hard working and if any online application are available how do I reach them

  87. Hi my name is Nthabiseng and I’m currently studying at Majuba TVET college and I haven’t received any SMS confirming that I’m funded or not. And we’re about to reopen and they need an SMS confirming that u are funded or not

  88. Hi my name is Nthabiseng and I’m currently studying at Majuba TVET college and I haven’t received any SMS confirming that I’m funded or not. And we’re about to reopen and they need an SMS confirming that u are funded or not. Here’s my number 0714342149

  89. Hi my daughter is funded by nasfas I would like to know if u have to pay them back why do they sometimes pay traveling and sometimes not I’m a single parent and I don’t have money to pay transport can somebody pls answer

  90. Hi
    I need help because now am confused …I have called nsfas offices and they told me that my application have been approved that means am being funded but I haven’t received any message or email confirming that and they haven’t paid anything to UNISA ( my current institution) so I decided to call them again and ask what is going on they told me to ask my institution to send them my registration template ……but at my institution they said that not how they do it they have to pay first. …..so this contradiction is really confusing me. ..PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE IT BECAME TOO LATE:'(

  91. I’ve applied for nsafas bursary and got and now studying with unisa I just want to find out will my prescribed books also be covered and how do I send them the list of the books needed to be bought

  92. Hi there, I’m zinhle. I applied at tut for 2018 but my application was rejected with no reason. What may be the reason for my application being rejected?

  93. im 1st year student in UL, i applied nsfas in january 2017 i didnt get any respond,i called nsfas call centre they say they received my application they still capturing it and they gave me reference,number today when i called them to check how far they say they didnt receive it,

  94. I wanna apply for nsfas but Im afraid they wont approve my application since my parent doesnt own a bank account n is self employed… she doesnt have any tax number n probably no proof of income. So i’m really confused, what should I do?

  95. Hi NFSAS, I am applying to study for undergraduate next year. so i wanted to find out if i do qualify to apply as i am currently working and have a dependent. I no longer depend on my parent,

  96. HI NSFAS I got a message says…… Dear applicant we request the name of your last school attended in you NSFAS application . kindly log into myNSFAS or visit you NYDA to add this……… so am confused don’t know what to do cz the application are closed please help

  97. Hi im ntebogeng recently applied for nasfas and i got a text saying they are processing my application all of a sudden they asked me to please send a consent for but didnt give me a email sight to send it too i sont know what to do but they only gaave me two days to submit the letter ..guys help me our where do i submit this concent form

  98. Hello I’m a second year student and NSFAS gave me a sBux account last year and I was meaning to ask if I’m covered by it or not?..

  99. What does elgibile without addmision mean beacause i have addmision i sent my registration forms in yesterday

  100. Good day, my name is Credit. I applied for nfsas last year November, and I’m pleased because my application was successful. My question is that can it be possible for nfsas to fund my studies in a university that I didn’t mention in my application form.

    I have already registered with Unisa but I want to drop Unisa and go to university of mpumalanga. It will be my first year of studying , hence I want to go to university of mpumalanga because its full time not part time.

    Looking forward to receiving communication from you.

    Kind regards
    Shaku Magalane Credit

  101. Good day my name is sbonelo iam doing my second year I didnt do well in ma eximanition due to the accident that I was involved into during eximanation I didnt able even to write mnb am so worried that nsfas might drop me ……

  102. how iam a first year student..and i applied for a NSFAS in January then i got a respond in 2nd of February…
    so i want to know when will it pay me cause now I have four years not going to school due to transport money please answer me

  103. Hey I am a first year student.I have applied in January but I have not received any message.so wat must I do I really need book

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  106. Hi my question is how long does nsfas take to evaluate one application? I applied last year in the beginning of November, all the people who applied after me have already received funding it’s now mid March and i’m sruggling financialy to get by.

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  110. I’m Thobeka .I’ve applied for NSFAS last year and my application was approved but I haven’t receive anything till now . . .what must I do ?

  111. hi guys so im a student at false bay college in cape town and im using NSFAS but i want to change my course and school and i want to go the nearest college coz i never recieved a transport allowance and its hard for me to get to school willl NSFAS still pay for my studies or not….

  112. hy guys i am a student at ufs qwaqwa campus i have applied for nsfas and receive a reference but i am not yet funded. what to do or i have to wait

  113. hy guys i am a student at ufs qwaqwa campus i have applied for nsfas and receive a reference but i am not yet funded. what to do or i have to wait

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  116. Hi my name is Kutlwano Dichaba in 2017 I went to study at South West college and I was funded by Nasfas and now I want to go and study at University and when I register for nsfas it keeps telling me that I have registered I don’t know what to do plz help

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  118. I am currently at the university doing my first year . I do have NSFAS funding but I want to change the university where I will be doing my second year, so I would like to know whether NSFAS will fund me if I change Institution or should I apply again

  119. Hey am studying at vaal university of technology and I want to transfer to UJ next year
    Do I have to apply for NSFAS again

  120. I apply nsfas nd aftr A week I apply igot a mssag to sending my consent form will send but I got even massage plz help

  121. Good morning I’m Thulisile Dlamini my question is does nsfas fund you the following year if you have failed

  122. What basically happened was, l applied for NSFAS last year(2017) to fund me for this year (2018) but unfortunately l ended up not studying this year and so NSFAS didn’t fund me this year year and l need to re-apply for NSFAS to fund for 2019 because l will be studying but when l try re-registering and re-applying it says my SA ID number is already registered on the system, but l keep receiving messages from NSFAS telling to apply before the closing date. Please help

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  127. Good evening , I just want to know if do I qualify for NSFAS even if I don’t have a guardian? Because I am staying alone , and I was working to support my self, now I want to study further, I also received a child social grant

  128. What do I do if Nsfas has not payed my fees and I cannot get my results from the tvet college i was studying in? I need my results to apply for internships urgently. Please help…

  129. I applied to a university but nsfas already agreed to fund me , my application status said “successfully funded ” but I was turned down at the university and want to apply at a different university, will still fund me although the first university rejected me?

  130. Does Nsfas fund you using the same reference number that you used at tvet college .when u no longer a student there .but you registered at university

  131. Hi, I have been accepted at the UKZN, applied for nsfas last year November, but my current status still on ” funding eligibility since January, I dont know wht to do , I ve been up and down to the nsfas offices, no help , Recently they told me at the office I ve been rejected by nsfas I should appeal online , done that still I can’t register and classes are starting next week Monday , I m still not registered and I hv passed well my matric . I don’t have money to register at UKZN, my mother s salary is very small, can anyone explain to me wht do I hv to do in order to get help cause I do qualify .

  132. Hi, guys…. Am admitted to study at ufs,but the unfortunate part I didn’t apply for nsfas. Is it possible that if apply now i will be founded coz now i don’t have money for accommodation, text books en so forth… Plz help,what can I do?
    Can whatsapp me 0813527504 plz

  133. Hi guys , last year i registered at Tvet College as my first year around September and used nsfas to fund for me for that last four months, then this year i am registered at tut for a new caurse and my nsfas status still read 2018 details , so i wonder what could help me to change my status to read 2019 approved pls help i am stressed now because the financial office says i must be patient but other students say i must have reapplied again and now i missed the due date of late application

  134. hi,i was funded by nsfas n i passed one module out of four but i want to repeat these modules can you please help me because i dont have money

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