Our favourite tweets from #TakeBackWits

    On Wednesday, a group of students at Wits University tried organised a silent march from the science stadium to the Great Hall under the banner of “Take back our Wits.”

    The students said they are in solidarity with Fees Must Fall but they want the academic programme to resume.

    The protest trended on Twitter under the hashtag #TakeBackWits and peeps wasted no time in calling the students out for their privilege, among other things.

    Here are some of our favourite tweets:

    #TakeBackWits versus #TakeBackTheLand?

    Hey, #TakeBackWits, prove to us you got some coordination.

    Some questioned the struggle credentials of #TakeBackWits protesters 🙊

    Surely you can get a refund on international flights if you have travel insurance. No? In that case, #TakeBackWits.

    Come on guys, we’ve BEEN renaming streets in the CBD. We only just got used to saying Miriam Makeba Street instead of Bezuidenhout Street.

    White privilege is not contagious, people. But perhaps it’s rubbed off on some folks?

    In the spirit of reworking songs for Fees Must Fall (Like Babes Wodumo’s “Wololo” ), Comrade Bae did a young remix of Beyonce’s track “Hold Up.”

    And while some of us are struggling to keep our eyebrows on fleek, others have eternal protection from police on fleek.

    Careful kids, check your privilege before you wreck your privilege.

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    Featured image by Rumana Akoob