Our favourite tweets from #TakeBackWits

On Wednesday, a group of students at Wits University tried organised a silent march from the science stadium to the Great Hall under the banner of “Take back our Wits.”

The students said they are in solidarity with Fees Must Fall but they want the academic programme to resume.

The protest trended on Twitter under the hashtag #TakeBackWits and peeps wasted no time in calling the students out for their privilege, among other things.

Here are some of our favourite tweets:

#TakeBackWits versus #TakeBackTheLand?

Hey, #TakeBackWits, prove to us you got some coordination.

Some questioned the struggle credentials of #TakeBackWits protesters 🙊

Surely you can get a refund on international flights if you have travel insurance. No? In that case, #TakeBackWits.

Come on guys, we’ve BEEN renaming streets in the CBD. We only just got used to saying Miriam Makeba Street instead of Bezuidenhout Street.

White privilege is not contagious, people. But perhaps it’s rubbed off on some folks?

In the spirit of reworking songs for Fees Must Fall (Like Babes Wodumo’s “Wololo” ), Comrade Bae did a young remix of Beyonce’s track “Hold Up.”

And while some of us are struggling to keep our eyebrows on fleek, others have eternal protection from police on fleek.

Careful kids, check your privilege before you wreck your privilege.


Featured image by Rumana Akoob
  1. Anon says

    Shazia, if I were I’d be a bit more concerned about minority rights, seeing as you form part of a wealthy minority, who do you think will be the next scapegoat? Then who u gonna call?

  2. Wow I Wonder Why There Are So Few Comments On Your Site Have You Heard Of Disqus says

    Yeah so let’s just laugh off racism if it’s directed at whites. Cause all whites are farmers right hahaha. I’m indian like you and eve though the only time I did journalism was in primary school, I must applaud your professionalism. Doing well girl almost as good as a buzzfeed “article”. Oh and let’s not forget your own privilege. How’d you get this gig at daily vox? Is it just a pure coincidence that most of your staff (9/12) are either indian muslims or muslim at least? Lol great job you guys are doing with your representation their lol. But us indians know how to work our connections hey. It’s quite nice when you can ask your naani’s nephew to give you job hey 😉

    This situation is complex and you treat it like literally any other facebook post I might see. Are you that opposed to objectivism that you can’t see that this current situation could possibly have resulted in a much worse situation for poor blacks if it continues? In other countries where they decided to shut down universities it resulted in private universities taking over because well, academics need jobs and if the university can’t pay them, they leave for industry and the public universities are screwed. Now us indians are absolutely fine. With all our shops and money and connections we can get into monash or just go overseas no sweat ( I’m being deliberately condescending here if that’s too complex for you). So when public universities do open sure we have free education, hell lets just say it’s decolonized as well! You’re rankings drop through the floor and guess what that piece of paper you fought so hard to get is worthless because your institution has lost credibility and now you can’t get jobs. Oh and yeah hospitals they will fall as well- once again us indian privilege people – just go to Milpark or Lenmed and we’re fine. The poor black people well now our severely understaffed hospitals will be even more understaffed and those overworked interns will be further overworked possibly resulting in them or one of their patients dying.

    How about doing something useful like writing an article saying what decolonized education looks like. I love how the only the only thing I’ve seen about decolonisation is how the cultural stereotypes are wrong (such as the article on how a student experienced her high school in pretoria) but those things have little to nothing to do with ACTUAL EDUCATION.

    Or actually interview students and ask them what they want. You’re a goddamn self proclaimed news source and you can’t run polls? Get feet on the ground to show what protesters really think? With my indian privilege I’m thinking I should take a camera and just go document what people actually say. Are you afraid that the masses will actually reiterate things like “kill the boer.” Is your entire staff incapable of objective though that they can’t write a piece that doesn’t display extreme bias?

    I understand the need for free education for poor people. But it seems the protesters are ignoring government- there’s is literally no reason for the protests to not already be taken to parliament like it was last year ( the only reason it hasn’t I can think of is that there some other political agendas in play here). Habib is being an ass in the way they ran the poll because this isn’t a black and white issue and moreso when he decided to say they’d throw people onto the streets if things continue. Students have a right to education and if you believe that your education is worth sacrificing, get up and go to the union buildings and shout at parliament. If 10 students want to learn let them. It doesn’t take away from your cause of standing infront of parliment and protesting if your goal is to be heard. I object to any violent protest. I object to protesters resisting arrest (whether justified or not that is for a court not a mob to decide). Of course it’s my white indian privilege talking isn’t it? I want order and people to come to agreeable terms.

    1. Rezwaana says

      Please take your camera and your indian privilege and find out what the people are saying. I would love to see the results. And by the way, if you actually read the site you would see that this is the best damn coverage of fees must fall there is.

    2. Nah says

      Lol you were definitely part of the #takebackwits protest 😂 – but where’s your silence now? You have so much to say but hide behind anonymity? Besides that have you read all the other articles on the daily vox? And trust me, they have definitely been on the ground – unlike you sitting on your high chair – come down and bring your camera so you can talk to the protestors and understand the movement – k bye.

  3. Dom says

    So a few pro-negotiation and opening-of-campus protesters pitched up to espouse a different viewpoint to the revolutionary militants? Militants who claim they stand for the freedom to protest. Did these militants respect the rights of others to protest? Hell no!
    They mocked, physically obstructed, manhandled and vandalised the pro-negotiation protesters. This is straight out of Orwell’s Animal Farm — “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” But what can you expect of revolutionaries who do not tolerate debate. They can only meet rational discussion with violence and constant screaming. How mature is this?

    They mock the absence of many black students who want to return to their studies who did not join this protest for peace, reconciliation and moderation. One the one hand you intimidate them, assault them, call them “sellouts” and “traitors” and then you mock them for being too scared to join such a protest. That’s the definition of deranged psychopathy right there.

    Daily Vox, when will you present us with more balanced reporting? Instead of just constantly sucking up to the Fallists? When will you give the silent majority a chance, respect free speech and help to foster a climate of open debate? What happened to the “Speak” in your tagline? Or should it become: “Citizen. Scream. Throw tantrums.”

  4. Liam says

    Perhaps it’s time to admit with the postponement of the General Assembly that the protest needs to start working with the University rather than against it. Perhaps it’s time to consider working towards free education without destroying Universities and preventing others from receiving their education.
    Perhaps it’s time to stop creating racial lines when a vast majority of students don’t align themselves with your methods, and instead unite with all students and allowing them to complete their education – for the betterment of the country.
    Perhaps it’s time to stop shouting a bit, and start thinking in real terms about how to move forward.

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