Fikile Mbalula: Minister of Social Media

South African Minister of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula used social media to its fullest potential in 2014, posting funny tweets and pictures that got him loads of laughs and followers. AAISHA DADI PATEL looks at a few recent posts with which Mbaks totally won the internet.

‘Minister of selfies, he is ever ready to show how its done.

When Steve Hofmeyr recently took puppet Chester Missing to court in the first ever case in South African history of a puppet being sued, Minister Mbalula pledged his support.

He’s a party animal, and he will share it with the world.

Ever the joker, he played along with #TransformationTuesday.

And he’s never shy when it comes to confrontation. He digs deep, as he proved in these exchanges with Sentletse Diayanko, the self-described, self-appointed ‘EFF supreme commander of the Twitter batttalion’.

And who can forget the time he reminded Julius Malema that he was the boss

Don’t mess with his judgement, or deny his credibility as Sports Minister. He knows what he’s doing. And if you think that he doesn’t, you must be high.

He proved in this vid from where he spoke in Parliament, that he is VIVACIOUS!

Let us give the Honourable Minister @fikilembalula the bells he deserves! #vivacious #vital #krwamkrwam #ThankYouANC

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And ONLY Mbaks can post about twerking gogos and get away with it…

But as for his etiquette on social media? He said it himself.

Minister Mbalula takes his job very seriously. Why?

2014 was your year, mchana. You keep doing what you’re doing!

Never give up on your dreams keep working hard .good morning Mzantsi let's make South Africa work…..

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