A first-timer’s guide to Oppikoppi


It’s that time of the year again, where people prepare for the biggest music festival in South Africa – OppiKoppi. While seasoned festivalgoers know what to expect and have already packed accordingly, The Daily Vox has a guide for all the first-timers venturing out to the hills of Limpopo this weekend.


What’s this gig all about?
OppiKoppi is a weekend-long music festival that first started in 1994, making this the 22nd edition. The festival is held in the dusty dunes of Northam, Limpopo, which many liken to Mordor. It offers you seven stages where you will get almost every type of music. This year, we’ll be seeing artists such as the Kongos, Khuli Chana, and many other fantastic bands.

So what do I need to know?
Once you’ve made it to the grand outdoor campsite, there are a few things you need to remember.

Before you do anything else, i.e. start drinking and enjoying the epic tunes, you need to set up your tent. It may seem like a hassle, but get it done first. Your future (drunk) self will thank you.


Know where your campsite is. Oppikoppi is a big place, so it can be easy to get lost. This is especially true if you’re stumbling back from watching the bands at one in the morning. If you don’t want the hassle then find a landmark, i.e. a glow stick tree or pirate flag, and know the street name where your campsite is at.


Unless you have a private chopper to fly you home, you are going to have to survive the ENTIRE weekend out there. The mistake that many people make is getting piss drunk as soon as they arrive. This means they end up missing bands because they are passed out by the campfire. Also, being hungover for the rest of the weekend is just not pleasant. So pace yourself!


Next, you want to drink plenty of H20. While we may be in the depths of winter, out there it can get seriously hot during the day. If you’re dancing around the whole day to bands, while drinking, then you could get dehydrated.


What do I need to take along?

If you’re not staying in the hostels then you will most likely be camping.

Here is a basic list of what you should take:

– Tent
– Sleeping bag
– Camping chairs
– Torch
– Clothes. Despite a naked run being on the schedule for Saturday, you’re gonna want clothes to shield you from the heat and cold. It gets stupidly hot during the day and freezing at night!
– Food. Taking pre-cooked food will save you effort and give you more time for band-watching.
– Water (see above re dehydration)
– Your own booze, or it will get expensive for you.
– Dust mask,
– Map and band schedule
– Wet wipes, it’s dusty out there!
– Toilet paper

Any last words?
Just go with the flow! There will be times where you lose your friends and your campsite, but don’t let that stop you. Go out and see bands that you’ve never seen before, hang out with random strangers and have fun.



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