Six hokey reasons for Mcebo Dlamini’s racism

Controversial student leader Mcebo Dlamini is facing criminal charges from the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD). This comes after Dlamini, now former acting president of the Wits Student Representative Council (SRC), referred to Jews as “devils”, saying that “they are good for nothing”, “hypocritical” and “uncircumcised in heart”.

The comments were made on his Facebook page, and most recently on PowerFM. Surprisingly, while some concur with the university’s decision to oust him from the SRC, Dlamini and his Hitler-loving comments still have the support of many students. FIRDAUS KHAN rounds up six reasons why some students still stand by Dlamini.

1. Because he’s black. Wait … what?

2. Everyone has the right to spew hate, apparently

3. All leaders, should be supported, always

4. He is the face of the future of black youth

5. He did some good stuff, so we should ignore the bad stuff

6. It’s a question of black consciousness, damnit 

The flaws with Dlamini’s stance have already been pointed out, yet he and his supporters continue to defend this perspective vigorously.

What’s your take on Dlamini’s decision to stand by his anti-semitic statements? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

– Featured image: By Nathi Ngubane.