Five moments that made us go ‘WTF?’ in 2017

2017 put us through the most, especially on social media, as many users’ behaviour had us asking “WTF were you thinking?” The Daily Vox rounds up some of our faves.

1. OkMalumKoolKat’s ‘blame society’ rant
After seeing an article written by the City Press, calling the hip-hop singer OkMalumKoolKat a convicted sexual offender (which he is), MalumKoolKat was not pleased with the article went off on a rant in all caps about how we should blame society for men abusing women and gave what he thought was an apology. Like WTF dude? This gave us more reason to prove why men are forever trash.

2 Prince Kaybee showing his mom his… thing
Everyday, men keep on straying away from the Lord’s light. House DJ and music producer, Prince Kaybee, tweeted that he showed his mom his penis after she asked to see it and many Twitter users were so confused while others found it funny. Well we guess, it’s his mom and maybe it’s not that big of a deal…

3. Zodwa Wabantu and Vaseline
Socialite Zodwa Wabantu left the internet in stitches after her failed Vaseline promotion on Instagram. Zodwa was promoting Vaseline but this was a very awkward and left us going WTF. Just watch for yourself.

4. Skolopad’s wors dress
Socialite and nurse, Skolopad, left many of us saying WTF and a lot of varsity students pressed after she wore a dress made out of boerewors at this year’s LGBT Feather Awards. Broke students were pressed and wondered how many days they could have fed themselves with all that wors. She said she decided to wear a boerewors dress to let people know that she “doesn’t eat beef” – referring to her alleged beef with fellow socialite, Zodwa Wabantu. People are busy wasting food in this economy? Hawu shem on you sisi.

braai me m urs

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5. Emtee accidentally shows off his thing
Probably the biggest LOL by any South African celebrity this year. Hip-hop singer, Emtee, decided for some reason after a lit night out, to start an Instagram Live video of him urinating. He then accidentally (as he claims) tilted his phone towards his penis and showcased it for his followers to see. This left so many of us shook and we wish we could unsee what we saw.

Featured image via Pixabay