Five times January tried to destroy us

January has been a lot for South Africa. We are still trying to make it through Januworry with empty bank accounts, we’ve also experienced a lot of moments that almost divided Black Twitter. We round up five social media moments that bought chaos and disaster onto our timelines.


Cockroach on Gigi Lamayne’s floor
South African hip-hop artist Gigi Lamayne has been getting it from the Twitter streets lately. She’s been getting dragged a lot for her “new style”, which Tweeps say has her looking all sorts of uncomfortable. However, she recently saw herself getting grilled by Twitter after she posted a picture of herself laying on a dirty floor covered in money. While many were still going on about her “uncomfortable style”, CSI Twitter came for her after the spotted what seemed to be a cockroach on the floor.

Things kind of went South Hill for Ms Lamayne, as people started dragging her for the cockroach.

But of course, Lamayne did not back down without a fight and ended up twarring with 702 radio presenter, Gugulethu Mhlungu over the comments she made about her picture, which she later deleted.


EFF reaction to the H&M campaign
By now, we all know how extra and disruptive the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) can be. But a recent radical act against a racist catalogue item by international fashion brand H&M, almost divided Black Twitter in two. A few weeks ago, the EFF raided a number of South African H&M stores as a response to the brand’s campaign, which featured  a black child wear a hoodie bearing the writing: “greatest monkey in the jungle”. This left Black Twitter with a lot of mixed reactions.

Inxeba & Straight Xhosa Men
For a movie that has not officially come out yet, Inxeba sure has sparked a lot of outrage amongst straight men. Inxeba – The Wound, starring musician Nakhane, explores the marginalisation of gay men at initiation schools. The outrage comes from straight men alleging that the movie exposes the initiation ritual which is meant to be sacred and confidential. Xhosa men went as far as “revoking” Xhosa membership from queer folk, for showing support for the movie.

But the tea is, these Xhosa kings must just accept that we will be going out in numbers to watch the official premiere of the movie on the second of February, and that’s that, on that and the end of that.


RIP Bra Hugh
Not only did January almost try to break us in the funniest and weirdest ways, but also in the most heartbreaking ways. As January nears its end, South Africa and the rest of the world learned of the passing of legendary jazz musician Bra Hugh Masekela, who passed away after a long fight with prostate cancer. Twitter poured out its condolences to the fallen icon.

RIP Bra Eddie
While we are still mourning the loss of Bra Hugh, we also learned of the passing of veteran actor Sandy Mokwena, otherwise known as Bra Eddie on the local soapie, Scandal.

We really don’t know how many more blows we can take from this month. Can it just end already?


Featured image via Pexels