For those of you wondering WTF happened at UCT on Tuesday night

Bail was set at R1, 000 for students who were arrested on Tuesday night at the University of Cape Town when police were called to disperse protesting students. Students were halted by rubber bullets and stun grenades when they demanded the release of those arrested.

Police presence was heavy  after students stoned one bus and burnt another and a car, in protest against the university destroying students’ “shackville“.

Shackville was a shack erected by students on the university’s Upper Campus on Monday to highlight the students’ housing issues. “[Shackville is] a representation of Black dispossession, of those who have been removed from land and dignity by settler colonialism, forced to live in squalor,” said the university’s Rhodes Must Fall movement.

Students also set flames to paintings believed to be a representation of the colonial era, displayed at the university. The paintings are estimated to cost millions.

These riches were burnt down by students in an attempt to decolonise the institution.

And students insist there is a larger agenda to their protest. 

Students re-erected the shack later in the night.


Featured image: Ashraf Hendricks on Twitter