Four brothers, one ward councillor position up for grabs

In the Eastern Cape, it’s the battle of the brothers for the local government elections. Four brothers are contesting to become the ward councillor. The four Ntabeni brothers from Magadla are contesting to become ward councillor of Ward 10 in Matatiele municipality. 

The four brothers affiliated to different political parties of their own choice. They are now battling to become the ward councillor of the same ward in the same village. Loyiso Ntabeni (50) is contesting as a ward councillor of Economic Freedom fighter (EFF). Luyolo Ntabeni (48) is contesting as a ward councillor candidate of African Independent Congress (AIC). Vuyani Ntabeni (47) is contesting as a ward councillor as an independent candidate. Lastly, Siphamandla Ntabeni (37) is contesting as a ward councillor for African National Congress (ANC).


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Vuyani Ntabeni said “The brothers are affiliated to different parties due to their ideals in the political Sphere. I myself is a different story. I was requested by the community of Ward 10 to stand because they are tired and dissatisfied with the political parties. They want the local government power into their hands. I don’t know about others but I was requested by the youth and the elders to come to their rescue. They trust me that I can help bring change in our ward 10 community.” 

About the promised services, Vuyani Ntabeni will provide if elected in power, he said: “Service delivery in its entirety, access Roads, water and sanitation and electricity. Socio- economic beneficiation to our society and moral regeneration in our society.” 

Vuyani Ntabeni told The Daily Vox: “Our families have no problem because we have made them understand that we are fulfilling our duties as leaders in our society.” 


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Siphamandla Ntabeni said “We never planned to be candidates during local government elections but were elected by our political parties.” 

The brothers told The Daily Vox that their families are united and understand very well that this is a democratic process taking place. They still spend time together. They value their family but differ in political ideology. The local government elections outcome results on November 1 will decide who gets more support than others from the community.

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