#FreshersAdvice: Your Complete Guide To South African Universities, Part 2

It’s a new academic year and thousands of undergrads will be registering for their first year at university. It’s a whole other thing, this university experience. There’s no assembly, lecturers have a far more relaxed approach to making sure you do your work (they don’t), and it’s all on you to get familiar with the much larger layout of the land. Issa lot to deal with, so the veterans of the varsity game created #FreshersAdvice and dropped all kinds of wisdom. From dating and partying advice (don’t date a comrade), where to get resources, and safety tips, students from around the country shared life hacks to varsity life.

In part 2 of #FreshersAdvice, The Daily Vox rounds up the five best takeaways for freshers in Gauteng, Limpopo, and North West

Tshwane University of Technology

TUT made a name for itself during the hay-days of Fees Must Fall with lit protests. Naturally, protesting has become a requisite skill for any TUT student.

There’s Gencor Hall. This name came up a couple of times under TUT’s #FreshersAdvice. This hall is where youâ’ll experience all facets of varsity life. This is the place where you’ll write tests and exams, where you’ll pass or fail, where you’ll get drunk, and ultimately where you’ll graduate.

At TUT, it’s not just outstanding fee payments that will prevent you from seeing your marks. Unpaid library book fines will also get you blocked. Bring back your library books on time and pay your fines. TUT wants its money!

University of Johannesburg

With the limited resources in high demand at university, you will have to strategise when and how you can get to them. At UJ though, don’t bother going to the computer lab until 11:00. The Skeem Saam brigade occupies that place until then.

There are only a few minutes to get to your next class no matter the distance. Knowing the shortcuts can save you the sweat and stress. Have a class in the D labs? Take the lift inside the building to C ring 5 and walk across the bridge.

It’s recommended that you bring a jacket along to class, even in this January heat. The air conditioners in the lecture halls are set to “white mode” i.e. cold af.

University of Pretoria

The first year at university is one of the toughest. Tuks provides mentors and guidance through all of it for free. Check out @STARSMentorship on Twitter to request to join.

ClickUP is the student’s intranet where you’ll get your assignments, online assignments, and valuable class notes. They also make important announcements there. Check it regularly.

Donâ’t ever forget your student card if you want to access the library. The security guards there will show you flames.

University of Witwatersrand

During Orientation Week, or O Week, you’ll be told a lot of things. Don’t let the information intimidate you.

Of the many places to eat on west campus, don’t go to Zesty Lemon. Very few pockets carry the money for it.

For those who still don’t know, DON’T RAPE. Read this thread to brush up on signs to look out for about rape culture.

University of Limpopo

UL offers a very helpful and free presentation and assignment assistance at their Reading and Writing Centre (RWC).

If you are in need of extra money and can spare the time, the A Block, B Block, D Block, cafeterias, and computer labs are hiring.

To those who’ll be living off campus, be vigilant. If you can, stay by gate two or three. It’s not safe in Mamotintane.

North West University

People at the NWU Vaal campus call the Vaal Triangle Campus (VTC) Potch.

AGLE is a compulsory course that teaches academic English. Take it seriously.

Those in the know at NWU recommend skipping Friendly and doing your shopping at Spar.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons