Ghaleb Cachalia’s family are warning parties against using their history to win elections

    Dr Ismail Mohammed Cachalia, a former ANC MP, and a senior member of the Cachalia family, has released a statement to The Daily Vox clarifying the family’s stance on the announcement of Ghaleb Cachalia as DA mayoral candidate for Ekurhuleni. 

    Since Ghaleb Cachalia’s announcement of his decision to stand as a mayoral candidate for the Democratic Alliance in Ekurhuleni, several newspaper reports have appeared associating the Cachalia family with his decision. As the oldest, surviving member of this family, I feel compelled to make the following clarification. Ghaleb, did not, nor was he required to, seek the family’s endorsement for his decision.

    The Cachalia family does have a proud, shared history of involvement in the Indian congresses, the UDF and the ANC. This is a matter of unalterable historical record, not available for appropriation by political parties involved in electoral contests today.

    Family members who have participated in our country’s public life have never before made a claim to public recognition or public office by virtue of a legacy of many hands and many generations. Individual members of the family who make party political decisions in the current political context exercise a personal choice which is their right but do not act on behalf of our family. In a large family is it to be expected that there will be a range of political views.

    I wish to make it clear that what we expect from anyone who holds public office is personal integrity and accountability, and in making this statement do not by implication endorse any unethical conduct from members or leaders of the ANC with which we have been historically associated.

    Featured image: Ihsaan Haffejee