Gupta Raid: The Saxonwold Shebeen Is Being Closed Down

Happy Valentines Day South Africa! South Africans woke up to news on Wednesday that the Hawks had raided the Gupta compound which houses infamous Gupta family, business friends of South African President Jacob Zuma. Folk on Twitter had all the questions.

The Hawks confirmed on Wednesday morning that a raid was underway at the Saxonwold residence of the controversial Gupta family.

As usual Mzansi is doing the most. South Africans were still reeling from the news that the African National Congress (ANC) recalled uBaba on Tuesday. We are waiting for him to respond, it’s Valentine’s Day and on top of that a Gupta raid? It’s too much, too early.

It’s high drama with Saxonwold drive closed off because of the commotion.

Not only are the Hawks raiding properties, there are reports that they’ve arrested people too. So far, three people have been arrested including a Gupta brother and a business associate. Two more people are expected to hand themselves over.

According to EWN the Hawks are closing in on other areas in the province to arrest more people linked to the Free State dairy farm project which has been found by no less than the Public Protector to have been a looting scheme. The Gupta compound is just one part of the mission.

It’s all good and well that the Hawk’s have regained their claws again but the timing of the raids and arrests have folk suspicious. It’s only been one day since Zuma’s recall – though on Wednesday morning, as the raids went down, he had yet to formally resign.

This kind of action was expected a long time ago – when it was first proved that the Guptas had unsavoury links to members of the ANC government.

Will all this convince all those ANC MPs who might want to the defy party line and vote for Zuma in a motion of no confidence?

Most importantly, why was Mbaks so quiet on Twitter? The Minister of Police usually advertises the successful arrests of criminals.

Some said we should not be elated at all by the news that an operation to root out Gupta-linked corruption is underway. This only goes to show that the Hawks have been politically compromised.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons