“Haai, I don’t have time for feelings” — Mcebo Dlamini

Getting kicked out as president of the Wits Students Representative Council  wasn’t enough to make Mcebo Dlamini stop with the anti-semitism. In fact, he’s just dug his heels in deeper. ’

After a contentious PowerFM interview a few weeks ago, in which he referred to Jews as “devils” who are “hypocritical”, “good for nothing” and “uncircumcised in the heart”, Dlamini is now facing charges of hate speech, inciting of violence and crimen injuria from the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

Dlamini’s most recent comments have been added to the existing charges the SAJBD has before the SA Human Rights Commission. The SAJBD’s Jeff Katz told The Daily Vox that they hope “ultimately, for (Dlamini) to appreciate the harm caused by his words” and for him to apologise to the South African Jewish community.

But Dlamini said he has no intention of apologising and instead told The Daily Vox that the SAJBD “wants to abuse the Human Rights Commission”.

“I don’t have time to (worry about) hurt(ing) certain communities’ feelings; I have everything to do with the black majority of the youth who are still struggling even today,” Dlamini said.

And he threw down a challenge to the Wits University management.

“I don’t care what they (Wits) do… If they don’t want to engage with the socioeconomic country and the things that affect the black majority, and they keep on bringing (up) anti-semitic and racist things – hate speech things that I don’t give a damn about – then I will meet them pound-for-pound,” Dlamini said.

Instead, Dlamini wants to engage on his own terms.

“If they want to talk to me, they must talk about socioeconomic issues of the country, on how we can best improve the black lives – that’s what I can engage them on. But if they want to talk about feelings – haai, I don’t have time for feelings,” he said.