Handy tool to find out the ward councillors candidates for #LGE in your area

There is less than a week before South Africans will cast their vote in the 2021 Local Government Elections. The politicians have been politicking and the parties have been campaigning. But soon it will all be up to the voter to decide whose name they are going to put their X next to for ward councillor.

Even with all the campaigning and media coverage, it’s easy to still be a little confused about who is running for ward councillor in your area. The team at OpenUp and Open Cities Lab have come together to collaborate on a useful tool.


The Daily Vox’s take on the defining issues of #LGE2021

The mycandidate website allows you to put in your address and find all the candidates running in your ward. Once you’ve inputted your address, you will find the candidates’ names and the political party they are representing. The independent candidates are also shown.

Some of the candidates will be listed as running for several different wards. This is because political parties might not have enough people to run individually. However, they still want those proportional representation votes.

Once you’ve seen the candidates, you can get more information about the ward with Wazimap. Wazimap provides census information about places in South Africa.

Featured image via Wikicommons