What the hell is Zuma talking about at SONA?

Wikimedia Commons https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/National_Assembly_of_South_Africa_2007.jpg

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is happening tonight, and it also happens to be President Zuma’s tenth address. Now, we can more or less guess what JZ will be talking about and it’s safe to assume there will be some drama if the EFF has any say, but sometimes we can get confused when big names and important-sounding terms are used.

The SONA is a discussion about the country’s plan forward in the year ahead, and naturally lots of agencies and organisations are involved. But to be honest, we don’t know who they are and what they do. The Daily Vox has your back when it comes to navigating all these big plans.

Here’s our explainer of what the hell Zuma is talking about.

Firstly, we care about the youth… but does the government?

Now onto the matter of university funding and the missing middle.

Zuma may or may not mention the work of the Fees Commission, but it’s useful to know what it’s about since #FeesMustFall stays dominating our headlines.

Land reform is an important issue for the ANC, and South Africans in general, because #IzweLethu. So when Zuma talks about plans for land reform, what does he mean?

We have to look out for the workers now. The national minimum wage has been in the news for a while now, and for good reason. A big announcement was made about it yesterday.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons