Here’s 10+ things the DA should apologise for


As the EFF set to launch their manifesto on Saturday, the DA put out a statement outlining 10 things that they believe the EFF, in the guise of Julius Malema, needs to apologise for.


Now we know that no political party is perfect, but we find the DA’s move audacious. But game, set, match – we asked Twitter to help us list things the DA should say sorry for.

1. The DA should apologise for Penny Sparrow.

In January, Democratic Alliance member Sparrow had charges pressed against her by the party and steps taken to suspend her membership, and the party also issued a statement condemning her comments comparing black people to monkeys. But some were worried about the double standards the party was displaying, leading us to our next point…

2. The DA should apologise for re-instating Dianne Kohler-Barnard who shared a post on Facebook glorifying PW Botha, and life under Apartheid.

3. The DA should apologise for Sam Pienaar.

4. The DA should apologise for naming a road in Cape Town after FW de Klerk.

5. The DA should apologise for that time Helen Zille called learners in the Western Cape “refugees”.

6. The DA should apologise for its sex scandals.

Let’s see, there’s Masizole Mnqasela, a DA Member of Parliament, who was found not guilty of raping a schoolgirl. He said it was a political smear campaign, adding that he is “too sexy to have to rape anyone”.


In 2010, then the DA’s KZN leader John Steenhuisen, now chief whip,  resigned over an affair with party provincial spokesperson Terry Kass-Beaumont.

There was also this bizarre story, where a former Western Cape police MEC went to court to disprove a story of an extramarital affair, by having his penis size assessed.
“Max, 52, is suing Die Son newspaper for R700 000 for defamation. It reported in 2010 that former police clerk, Belinda Petersen claimed she was coerced into sexual encounters with him in 2007. She had reportedly been shocked by Max’s “massive” penis, resembling a bull’s. It was apparently so large she sustained vaginal injuries.Max hired a urologist and clinical sexologist to assess his penis size to prove he was not involved.”
Last year, a DA MP was accused of sexual harassment, after he allegedly forced a DA staffer to touch his “private parts” during a protest march ahead of the State of the Nation Address in 2015.

7. The DA should apologise for Cape Town. 

8. The DA should apologise for undermining media freedom when Zille went in on Carien du Plessis.

We’re going to use the DA’s own tweet here as reference.

By the above standards, the DA should apologise for Helen Zille for suggesting Carien du Plessis is a self-hating white woman. 

9. The DA should apologise to the people of South Africa for unsolicited correspondence, from which we cannot opt out.  


10. The DA should apologise for its tone deafness that inspires missives to Julius Malema and the EFF.  


And then, just because the DA shills are going to accuse us of being ANC lackeys (🙄), here are a couple of tweets from DA supporters are unapologetic about. 

Featured image: The shoes of Helen Zille, the leader of the political party the Democratic Alliance can be seen decorated with the colours and the logo of her party as she addresses a rally in Soweto, Johannesburg. The Democratic Alliance is the second most supported political party in South Africa and along with all other parties have been campaigning throughout the country ahead of the elections scheduled for 7 May 2014. Picture: IHSAAN HAFFEJEE (12.04.2014)

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article referred Lennit Max as police commissioner, he was in fact an MEC, who has an interesting relationship with Ms. Zille.


  1. Is this article and this site for real?

    The Daily Vox…… my god… You are the gawker of SA news sites, with a nice chunk of white hatred mixed in.

    • It’s an EFF fan page. It’s garbage written by an editor who is a child. The writers get turned on by the EFF because they don’t understand real politics. Apparently the site is funded by the same people who fund the EFF. Fascist garbage.

  2. #1 — Penny Sparrow? Publicly excoriated by many DA leaders and swiftly expelled from DA (unlike the ANC’s treatment of their cadre-deployee from Gauteng Dept of Sport, Cde Velaphi Khumalo, who called for white genocide).

    #2 DKB was fined R20000 and demoted to the back-bench for her injudicious re-tweet. The punishment must fit the offence, not constitute a fresh offence by being egregiously excessive.

    #3 Sam Pienaaar did nothing that many in MK and Apla didn’t do — and are now high-ranking generals in the SANDF

    #4 The DA named a street after a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a former president of South Africa.

    #5 Zille called the schoolkids fleeing the schooling chaos prevailing in their neighboring home province, ECape, “educational refugees”. Do not leave out the qualifying adjective in her statement of truth.

    #6 The “sex scandals” are mere scurrilous slurs and gossip devoid of a shred of evidence. (Unlike Zuma, Fransman et al)

    #7 Cape Town is the best-governed city by every metric and it remains a shining beacon of hope to the poor and huddled desperate masses who flock there — despite its stormy climate — even though they are largely unskilled and well-nigh unemployable and who settle where they can afford.

    #8 Carien used the term “pantypreneur” to describe ANC-following gold-digger women, which the ANC objected to in a collective huff. DA gave her no support, and not even when she recanted and donned a hair-shirt of contrition.

    #9 Publicising your message by phone is no different to putting up a billboard next to a major arterial freeway where anyone passing by can see it. You cannot expect an apology for getting your message out in a cost-effective way.

    #10 “Tonality” is only objectionable if you can present no counter to an unassailably logical and evidence-based case.

    #11. Anyone has a right to crow about their accomplishments. If they have them, that is.

    • Some people really need to free themselves from the grips of apartheid-era propaganda.

      The idea that an apartheid mass murderer did “no worse” than MK soldiers is straight out of the National Party playbook.

      Free your mind.

      • MK “soldiers” did unspeakably horrible deeds against innocent civilians as well as against their own comrades. Free your mind.

      • Sam Pienaar is NOT a mass murderer. He was part of a police regiment that was involved in the Trojan Horse massacre. He did not take part, nor did he coordinate the event.

    • >#9 Publicising your message by phone is no different to putting up a billboard next to a major arterial freeway where anyone passing by can see it. You cannot expect an apology for getting your message out in a cost-effective way.

      Bullshit. Unsolicited communications via electronic means (commonly called “spam”) is a gross violation of privacy and in most jurisdictions flat-out illegal. It doesn’t cease to be a criminal and unconstitutional violation of privacy because it’s a political party doing it. In fact their constant barrage of unsolicited and unwanted SMS’s and e-mails guarantee I will never again vote for the DA.

      Spam is major scourge upon the earth and anybody who stoops that low is unfit to hold authority over a koi pond, let alone be allowed to govern anything.

      This is by no means comparable to a billboard. The billboard may be annoying but it is in a public space, it’s not intruding into your own private and personal space.

    • Here’s something Khadija Patel should apologise for. Being a hypocrite and an agent. She publicly licked the boots of Barrack Obama after he praised her, knowing full well that he is one of the most violent war-mongering presidents in US history. Obama bombs impoverished African states like Yemen and Somalia on a regular basis, along with decimating the Middle East and supporting Israel. Shame on you Khadija. Now where’s the apology? Or are Obama’s friends paying you to drive the EFF’s violent regime change agenda?

  3. Agree with Jon Low’s rebuttal of the 10 points.
    Only thing the DA needs to apologise for is their wish to continue with the racist AA and BBBEE legislation which will continue to slow economic recovery and prevent the creation of jobs in SA.

  4. The editor of this site works for the EFF. It’s pathetic. Cape Town is by FAR the best run city in the country and this attempt at an attack on the DA is so lame. She really is scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to pull out people’s personal sex lives from 2010 as something to apologise for. It is the sign of a bitter and vindictive personality which tints every one of the racist pieces this website spews out.

  5. I don’t see how any of these so-called indescretions by the DA can be compared to the EFF’s call for violence and civil war. There is no amount of pseudo intellectualising that can defend the EFF’s violent rhetoric. Those idiots who call for war and bloodshed have no idea what war is. There are no winners and only the innocent get caught in the crossfire.


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