Here’s How To Keep Updated With The Daily Vox

As you know, The Daily Vox lives online. Earlier this year, Facebook changed it’s algorithms to prioritise “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over content from brands – namely, less news. As much as we’re all about posts from friends overseas and videos of cute puppies, we also want to ensure that you see the latest content from The Daily Vox. Many of our readers rely on Facebook to keep up with The Daily Vox, so before your news feed is devoid of our content, here are three ways to guarantee that you’ll still see our stories.

Customise your Facebook news feed
It’s as simple as a few clicks, we promise. Customising your news feed will allow you to see our latest articles – and still see all the memes and dope event and Facebook memories of that one time you went on a seaside holiday.

It’s a quick three-step process:

1. Go to our Facebook page.
2. Click the ‘Follow’ button

3. Lastly, select ‘See first.’ That’s it. You’ll now still see Facebook on your Facebook news feed.

Follow us on Twitter
Our Twitter page is a universe on it’s own. Besides posting our new content, we often post previous stories that we wrote and retweet your comments on our stories. Watch out for our live tweeting coverage of pressers and events too.

Here’s our Twitter page.

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter
We send out a newsletter on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. If social media is not quite your speed, we’ll bring all our new content directly to your inbox.

Subscribe to our newsletter here. You know you want to.

The Daily Vox has some lit content in store for the rest of the year. We’re launching our own podcast soon. Stay tuned. Don’t miss out just because Facebook changed its mind about what it thinks you want to read.