Holiday jobs aren’t just to earn spending money


With university holidays fast approaching, many students are looking for holiday jobs to help ease the burden on their families, or even just to buy nice things. The Daily Vox spoke to some Durban students about why working through their December holidays is a priority.

velile-thabedeVelile Thabede, 23, student, Durban
[dropcap]”[/dropcap]When I was doing my first year I lost my mother so I decided to get a job during holidays for financial stability. Fortunately, I had bursaries throughout these years do the money I was making was for rent, food and other needs because my bursary only covered tuition. Also, my course demands me to have some cash most of the time because we do a lot of projects that require material. If I were to pay a half of my fees I would have been able to because some of them were paying good money for a student job.

mbali-shangeMbali Shange, 24, student, Durban
Growing up, my dad was very strict. When I was in high school I decided to get a job over holidays so that I wouldn’t spend time at home doing nothing the whole day every day. I actually realised that working during holidays was beneficial because I was able to make extra cash and go out with my friends. But during my second year in university I failed and my dad told me he wasn’t going to pay for my fees so I had to find a job while studying. That helped me because I was able to pay half of my fees. Although it started off as something I did for fun, it ended up being very useful.

Nqobile Msomi, 23, student, Durbannqobile-msomi
[dropcap]”[/dropcap]I have always been independent and my family hardly supports me. Student jobs have helped me to not only make money but polish my CV as well because the kind of jobs that I do are providing me with sound experience and great communication skills. Some of them are not related to my career but they do add value to my CV for future purposes. Also, I love nice things so I have been able to buy whatever I desire for myself without expecting it from anyone else. These jobs don’t only provide one with extra cash but they are really helpful for networking and making contacts as well.

Nompakamo Dzanibe, 22, student, Durbannompakamo-dzanibe
[dropcap]”[/dropcap]There are things that I cannot expect from my parents because it wouldn’t make sense so instead of spending holidays at home doing nothing, I decided to get a job. The money helps with my expenditure for the festive season, at the end of the day we are young adults and we have things that we desire that our parents can’t simply buy for us.

londiwe-jiyaneLondiwe Jiyane, 24, intern, Durban
[dropcap]”[/dropcap]You’d be surprised by how helpful student jobs are. I used to work at a night club and it was paying really good money. With my holiday job I was able to pamper myself with clothes and everything else that I needed. I bought myself a laptop and helped contribute at home for groceries. Obviously we all need to spend some money during holidays especially at the time of the festive [season]; I was able to take my nieces out without having to ask my mother for money. Student jobs help different people in different ways, I know students who are actually paying rent on monthly basis with the money they earn from their weekend jobs.

Featured image via Queen’s University.


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