How to survive the office year-end party

So you’ve finally made it to the end of 2015 and you can’t wait to tackle the open bar and free food that awaits at the end of year office party. DANA DA SILVA has a list of tips to help you navigate the minefield of alcohol, bosses and Nkalakatha to avoid doing something you might regret.

1. Dress to impress
Even though this is a social affair, a certain amount of decorum applies. The unflattering selfies posted to Instagram won’t go away over the holidays, so its best to wear something that doesn’t look like it was picked up off the bedroom floor on the way out the door, and which doesn’t show off more skin – or chest hair - than you usually would at the office.

1. Dress Appropriately

2. Be strategic when it comes to the buffet
Like everything in life, balance is key. And the Christmas party is just the beginning of one long summer struggle to balance festivity and the bathroom scale.


3. Easy on the open bar
Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to hit it hard. Getting completely plastered rarely ends well, especially when everyone has a recording device in their pocket. Your whip and nae nae might not seem as impressive when you’re sober.


4. Office hookups – avoid
Just because you’ve a bit of liquid courage does not make the office party the place to look for a hook-up. It seldom ends well.


5. Mingle with colleagues
Parties are a great time to speak to colleagues who you don’t normally interact with. We’re not talking about catching up on the office gossip with the guy in special projects so much as finally shaking hands with the woman in finance you’ve been collaborating with via email all year.

4. Mingle with colleagues

6. No really, don’t gossip
You don’t want to end your year that way, or for that matter, start the new year that way. And while you might not get round to singing Auld Lang Syne with all your colleagues, including the difficult ones, you at least try to end the year on a good note.


7. Safe home
You’ve had a great time and more than a few drinks, and now its time to think about getting home. If you’ve been forward thinking, you’ve already arranged a lift home with Designated Dave or pre-booked a taxi. But if you haven’t, and the company hasn’t provided transport home, there’s always Uber. Provided you can see straight enough to push the right buttons on your phone.


– Featured image via Flickr