“I am White Power, p**s!” – A story of harassment at a Gautrain station


Late on Thursday afternoon, Gautrain user Atiyya Karodia witnessed an incident of harassment at a Gautrain bus stop in Rosebank. She took to Twitter on Friday to relate what she had witnessed.

When the Daily Vox contacted her, Karodia said she was most upset that onlookers did nothing to intervene for some time, while others even laughed as  the perpetrator mocked the homeless man. “Even though he apologised, it wasn’t sincere, he didn’t care, he was perfectly fine with joking about it afterwards.”

The Gautrain Head Office declined to give comment on the matter, and attempts to speak to spokespeople were unsuccessful.

Do you, or anyone you know, have any more information about this incident? Contact us.


  1. Yes…pull another. I do not believe this at all. A white man starts beating a black man to death on a government owned bus (which has CCTV I must add), and no-one does anything until the black man starts to fight back?!. Only one person, Ms. Karodia, happens to think the incident is news worthy, and the bus (which is in South Africa, Gauteng) is only transporting white people who did absolutely nothing about the incident and actually gathered around this white dude to laugh and clap hands for him. Really?! In what world would this happen? Either Ms. Karodia is recanting the story incorrectly, or it never happened.
    I think Ms. Karodia has a very active imagination. Pictures, or it didn’t happen.

  2. John, have you been paying attention to what’s been going on lately in SA. Even if the above event didn’t happen or didin’t happen according to Attiya’s account, it is sadly, tragically, believable.

    • Hi Peter, yes, current events have shocked me! Especially as they seem to be perpetrated by the “born frees” . Racism definitely needs to take centre stage again, and needs to be dealt with head on. We all need to spread the message that racism is completely unacceptable.
      So, the way forward as I see it is to tackle racism wherever we see it. Do not stand back and let it happen, show people that it is completely not okay. BUT!!! We need to also confront people who claim racism where it is not, because they are crying wolf. Give us the actual racially motivated incidents so that we can study them, help those involved see the light, and generate awareness. Don’t claim that every time a white and black person fight, that its racially motivated, because it isn’t. Interestingly, if Ms. Karodia had not include “I am White Power, p**s”, in her story, this would just be a story about some pathetic human being…by adding those words, the story takes on a new life (especially because people who decide to rather not get involved are now see as condoning racism). Claims like these need to be investigated before they are spread around the internet. Just my opinion.

  3. Thank you for sharing important stories like these, and others, Aaisha and Atiyya. I think there might be a word omission in the 3rd last paragraph: …Karodia said that she was most * that onlookers did nothing to intervene for some time. Is there a word missing where the * is?


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