“I see no change, no progress during the 20 years of democracy”

ERNA CURRY spoke to Khaya Xintolo from Khayelitsha in Cape Town.


What do feel about the cost of communications in South Africa at the moment?


What are your views and feelings about elections in 2014 and 20 years of democracy?

“Ja I think for me I see no change, no progress during the 20 years of democracy. Mostly you find out things are worse, people are getting retrenched who are working, unemployment rates are very high, even housing backlog, so for me in terms of elections I don’t see any difference, that’s why I didn’t even register to vote. I think first, even in the ballot paper I don’t see any relevant political party that I can vote for, for me I think they all have capitalist interests, mainly they are privatising all the things here in our country. The last time I voted was 1994 since it was the first time and I was excited in terms of doing a vote, so for me now I don’t see any change, I see private, private – everything is privatised even the roads. So that’s why I say nothing has changed.”