If Jacob Zuma ever wrote a book, Twitter knows what the title would be #ZumaBookTitle

After a week of heavy news, #ZumaBookTitle was trending on Friday. We did you a solid and rounded up some of the best tweets.

Jacob Zuma hasn’t penned an autobiography yet but Twitter already has some ideas for his book’s title. It all began on Friday morning, when eNCA Morning News Anchor Uveka Rangappa asked if anyone would read a book written by Jacob Zuma about his life.

Later Ryan Cummings, a popular Twitter personality and director of an Africa-focused risk management company, asked folks to weigh in on a potential title for such a book under the hashtag #ZumaBookTitle.

Naturally, South Africans did what we does best and brought out all the shade. There were digs on his corruption charges.

Jay Z’s got 99 problems but he’s got nothing on JZ, whose problems tally up at about 783.

Some thought Zuma should focus on state capture alone in his book.

There were some digs about the property the Gupta’s reportedly bought for Zuma in Dubai.

The presidential firepool clearly hasn’t been forgotten.

There was an attempt at a superhero mashup.

Folk even poked fun at the uh, “impeachment”.

If Zuma ever did write that book, we’d love to know how to keep laughing when things are falling apart.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons