In conversation with the Blood & Water cast and crew

In preparation for the season two release of Netflix’s Blood & Water, The Daily Vox hosted the show’s cast and crew for a conversation. Nosipho Dumisa-Ngoasheng and Dillion Windvogel appeared on Instagram live on September 14. Here is a recap of the conversation. 


Dumisa-Ngoasheng is a South African writer and director. She wrote and directed her first feature film, the crime thriller Nommer 37 (2014, in Afrikaans). She works with Gambit Films, which she co-founded. But most importantly for the live, she had directed and written for the hit Netflix series, Blood & Water. 

Windvogel is a South African actor and dancer. He has appeared in Danz, Sara Se Geheim and  Bhai’s café. But recently, he is most popular for playing the role of the son of the Parkhurst Headmistress, Wade, in Blood & Water. 


Blood & Water Season 2 leaves you wanting more

The second season of the Netflix original show is going to be coming out on Heritage Day September 24. 

During the live, the pair teased what fans can expect from the show. Plenty of drama and a whole nother level of excitement is what fans can expect. They also shared some behind the scenes stories from the set including what filming under lockdown restrictions meant. They also shared some valuable insights for anyone interested in joining the entertainment industry. 

Windvogel said every genre and attribute of season two gets taken to the next level while Dumisa-Ngoasheng said the season is “lit.” “There are things you will expect and then there are things you will not expect at all,” Dumisa-Ngoasheng said. 

Blood & Water season two premieres September 24 only on Netflix.