In Photos: #LGE2021 as it happens

Maurice Freeman Recreation Centre

There was concerns it wouldn’t be happening this year. There were court cases and disputes. But finally, Election Day 2021 has arrived. Our reporters are in the City of Johannesburg and City of Cape Town speaking to voters. Here are some of the voting stations in photos.


LGE2021 Elections live blog (01/11/2021)

[THREAD] It’s election day and @thedailyvox team are out speaking to voters. #Election2021 #LGE2021 #localgovernmentelections, #2021MunicipalElections

Tumi Baloyi, 37 “It’s necessary to vote because then we can get what we want from our Mayor and councillors. If we do not vote, we cannot tell them what to do.”
? Marlboro Gardens Combined School.
#LGE2021 #Election2021 #localgovernmentelections #2021MunicipalElections

Liaquad Ebrahim, Councillor for Ward 109 and ANC candidate shares what he’s done for the ward.
? Marlboro Gardens Combined School.
#LGE2021 #Election2021 #localgovernmentelections #2021MunicipalElections

Annah Mathiba, 53, domestic worker is voting for housing, toilets and roads.
? Marlboro Gardens Combined School.
#LGE2021 #Election2021 #localgovernmentelections #2021MunicipalElections

Franklin Cupido, 38 from Hanover Park shares why this vote means a lot to him. #LGE2021 #Elections2021 #localgovernmentelections #2021MunicipalElections

Originally tweeted by The Daily Vox (@thedailyvox) on November 1, 2021.

It was a cold and rainy day that met people from the City of Cape Town on Election Day.

In Johannesburg though, it’s been bright and sunny skies but the numbers haven’t been so good – at least at one voting station.

Images by Ling Shepherd and Fatima Moosa