Israeli foreign ministry thanks apartheid South Africa and gets schooled


An Israeli Twitter account is celebrating the country’s statehood by thanking the countries that voted yes in the United Nations (UN) 1947 partition plan. South Africa was also thanked but folks on Twitter clapped back criticising one apartheid state for thanking another.

While it is not clear that this account, called @Tweeting1947, is run by the Israeli foreign affairs ministry, it is has nevertheless been retweeted several times by the ministry’s Twitter account. According to its Twitter bio, @Tweeting1947 is: “Retelling the story of the historic UN vote on the partition plan, on November 29, 1947.” It serves to thank countries who voted yes in the UN 1947 vote to establish the state of Israel on Palestinian land.

Fifty-six countries voted on Resolution 181 on Israeli statehood in 1947, where 33 countries or 72% were in favour of the establishment of the state of Israel. Thirteen countries, or 28% voted against it and 10 countries abstained from voting.

Israel has since turned into an apartheid state, where it has occupied Palestinian land and terrorised its people.

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November 29 also marks the annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People according to a decree by the UN General Assembly in 1977. In a speech by Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty to the Special Meeting of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Shetty said: “Israel’s policy of constructing and expanding settlements on stolen Palestinian land is illegal, discriminatory and unjust. It is a key driver of the mass human rights violations resulting from the occupation.”

One of the countries that voted in favour of the creation of the state of Israel was apartheid South Africa.

Some of SA Twitter clapped back saying that it was one apartheid state congratulating another and that they are against the creation of the Israel and its treatment of Palestinian people.

And South Africans were not the only folk criticising the Israeli government. Other countries did too, showing solidarity with Palestine and calling Israel out on on their treatment of Palestinians.

There has been a growing call for South Africa to cut its ties with Israel. Palestinians in Ramallah protested outside the South African Representative Office on November 20, calling for the Israeli embassy in Pretoria to shut down and accusing the South African government of betraying the Palestinian cause.  At the beginning of November, the Economic Freedom Fighters also picketed outside the Israeli embassy calling for it to shut down.

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