Jeremy Mansfield to convert to Islam, open rehab centre for haters


Just days after he raised the ire of many over his comments on the refugee crisis in Europe, former radio personality Jeremy Mansfield says he will be converting to Islam to challenge stereotypes about refugees.

“I saw that people were very hateful towards Muslims on the comment thread, and I realise that if a white South African male became an Islamic, it would change the way people see this caste,” Mansfield said.

“I had never been called out for my racism and bigotry before. Islam showed me the way,” he mused.

On Thursday, Mansfield drew the ire of the South African online community when he posted a comment on the social networking site Facebook.

Mansfield’s comment, in which he conflates immigrants with Muslims, was met with alarming levels of support from certain sections of South African society. A high-speed mud slinging match ensued, which, upon inspection, shows trace elements of Islamaphobia.

Reacting to the hate-speech on his page, Mansfield said he would also be setting-up a rehab centre for those aggrieved with this decision to apologise for his comments.

One psychologist looking into the incident welcomed the move.”In all likelihood [Mansfield’s comment] catalysed a deep-seated fear of loss and anxiety over the perception of ever [an] shrinking space for long-term entitlement for the white people.

“They took it as their chance pounce on a topic they know little about […] remember these are people carrying generations worth of hateful baggage for “the other”; they are extremely disappointed, damaged citizens and need urgent help,” the psychologist, who wished to remain unnamed, said.

But insiders close to Mansfield say that his decision to adopt to Islam was misguided.

“He still thinks its the only way to get to Europe without paying for a visa,” the source said.

Mansfield’s decision to convert comes a day after he issued an apology which some say came only after he experienced a barrage of abuse from Mohammedans and others on his Facebook wall.

Abu Oâ€Well is a satirist and an inciteful contributor to The Daily Vox. Sometimes he is teasing; sometimes heâ€s not.

Featured Image: Jeremy Mansfield Facebook Page


  1. Mansfield, you think their aren’t white south African Muslims? Guess what their is, I’m a white south African Muslim, and i have white friends who are Muslim including DA counsellor Sergio, don’t ever think it will change the outlook on Islam, it won’t, cat Stevens became Muslim his name now is yusuf Islam, many many pastors became Muslim, even the pipe himself believes in Islam and speaks out for Muslims, don’t fill your ego to believe you can change anything, your change in the pocket compared to yusuf Islam, your ntn, and your reverting for all the wrong reasons, go and study Islam first, don’t change to try change racism, when your racist yourself and trying to claim your not, that’s sad

  2. When I converted to Islam in 1970 – it was into Sunni fundamentalism. It was after I had delved into Sufi’ism that I saw a new window into Islam. My involvement in The Struggle lessened my grasp into the more conservative aspects of South Africa’s Islam.
    The number of Muslims and other “sects” of the Indian Community who similarly became part of The Struggle.
    After 9/11 I wrote a short exposé into Islam 1-0-1 which was widely received and drew incredible questioning from the more fundamentalist Muslims in the USA – for my attempt to lessen the hyperbole against Muslims – the world over seemed to introduce a more open approach into other religions, sects, ethnicities – all of whom had by some or other means been dumped and besmirched by the “magnanimous” Western Nations.


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