Kevin Pietersen: “South African sport doesn’t need sell-outs.”

Kevin Pietersen, the South African-born cricketer who went on to became England’s record run-scorer across all formats, recently signed up to play in the RAM Slam T20 for the KwaZulu-Natal Sunfoil Dolphins. LIZEKA MADUNA, asked Durbanites how they feel about the return of the controversial cricketer who’s always claimed he was driven from SA owing to racial quotas in the sport.

SphiweSiphiwe Gabuza, 19, student, Inanda
Pietersen is one of the greatest batsmen and with the current state of the Dolphins, his return is a good thing. He has been to the other side of the world and there is a possibility that he will contribute to the team in terms of helping other players with honing their skills. The way he left shouldn’t be part of the deal anymore because that’s in the past and had he not left, who knows where he might be and if he was going to make it to the national squad. The Dolphins should be happy to have him back and put the past where it belongs. The fact that the team didn’t do well in the previous RAM Slam means that he might be an asset for this one.

FrancescaFrancesca Verga, creative practitioner, New Germany
Judging by the way he left the Dolphins and the remarks he made about the country, Pietersen’s return might not sit well with most cricket lovers, especially Durban people. I am not really a cricket fan and I hardly follow it but yes his coming back is a bit controversial because we are all wondering why he is coming back now. I don’t think anything has changed since he left and that is why I am puzzled by why he would want to return to the same team because he felt left out by the quotas within the team. According to people who know cricket well he is good, in that case his return might be an advantage to the Dolphins.

SiphoSipho Sondezi, 22, student, Sydenham
Pietersen’s return to the Dolphins is pointless because the team is doing quite well without him. He left because he felt he was left out; what has changed now? He was a traitor for leaving his country because he felt things were done unfairly. South African sport doesn’t need sell-outs and we don’t even know for how long he is willing to stay with the Dolphins. Sport is all about opportunities but leaving your own country isn’t ideal. I wonder if he ever imagined how it would have turned out had he not left. I find it totally unfair that he gets to be signed back; there are [other] players who deserve the chance being given to him.

VigilantVigilant Netshiombo, 23, student, St Georges
Having Pietersen back is exciting, he is one of the great batsmen and he is good at what he does. Yes, he left for some reasons but we shouldn’t hold that against him because he was also looking out for his interests and career. I am certain that playing for other countries on the other part of the world is every player’s dream and when the opportunity shows itself one should grab it with both hands. He left but the point is that he is now back and he should pick up where he left off and continue doing the amazing job and make the city proud.

– Voxes have been edited for brevity and clarity
– Featured image via Wikimedia Commons