Twitter is fuming over a school letter demeaning Muslims


On Wednesday night, a school letter began circulating on social media from Christian school, King’s School in Linbro Park. The letter, which was addressed to parents starts off with a recap of a substance abuse campaign and then seemingly the author of the letter goes on a tangent about a Muslim businessman who owns property around the school and built a mosque there about two years ago.

Screenshot of King's school

The writer of the letter, listed as Bob Fuller, Head of Student Affairs, then goes on to say that he prays for Muslim people because they, unlike Christians, have not been assured salvation and that Christian people have a special relationship with God, once more in opposition to Muslims. He ends the letter off by asking parents and the children to pray for the souls of Muslim people especially since the month of Ramadan is coming up. (He has his dates completely wrong on that front – Ramadan ends on the 6th or 7th July, yet he seems to think it runs from 11 July to 9 August.)

But what’s upsetting many is that the letter doesn’t only sound like the ramblings of a self-righteous Christian who believes only Christians will be saved. It looks like Fuller is also lamenting the fact Linbro Park has been “taken over” by people who are not white, as evidenced by the way he brought the many developments of the Muslim businessman next door to the school.  By complaining about the “mournful stains of his song” (the Islamic call to prayer, apparently), he displays religious intolerance and white supremacy similar to what we saw when residents of Valhalla objected to the building of a mosque in the Pretoria suburb earlier this year.

#ValhallaMosque: When white supremacy is threatened by prayer

Many people expressed their disgust on social media at the way the school seems to be demeaning Muslims and advocating for intolerance of other religious beliefs, along with the general Islamophobic nature of the letter.

Panyaza Lesufi, the Gauteng MEC for education also weighed in on the matter, saying that he was “shaking in disbelief”.

We reached out to the school and Bob Fuller for comment but at the time of publishing neither of them were contactable. However, Yusuf Abramjee posted the following email response he received from the principal.

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  1. Nothing in the letter mentions anything about race. I dont want the propaganda of a crazy religion entering my ears either. Tells the muslims to broadcast on a special radio frequency into the homes of their cult followers– you know, so they can enter the 21st century like the rest of us. Maybe thats why muslims have such a tough rap in society in general cause they are being dragged kicking and screaming into modern civilization against their will.

  2. This outcry is idiotic. There is nothing demeaning about Muslims in this letter – Christians and Muslims have different beliefs. Christians believe that only saved Christians will go to heaven, and Muslims believe that only Muslims will go to heaven. This has always been the case.

    “We need religious tolerance” — how ironic that he does not tolerate the fact that another religion does not believe that people of his religion are saved. Perhaps we should all just believe what you want us to believe.

  3. Guys I’m normally on your side but here it seems unwarranted. Although there is some evidence for white supremacy with the whole ‘Muslim businessman’ issue, the truth here is that Christians and Muslims believe the other is going to hell. Of course it’s exclusivist, but neither religion see it as an unacceptable belief to hold. In fact, the constitution defends every religious person’s right to hold these beliefs except when they bring others harm. So compromise somewhat on my stance, it’s true, the ‘muslim businessman’ part is problematic and points to intolerance of racial difference.

  4. Muslims do not believe only Muslims will go to heaven, all those who are good and have strong faith will enter heaven. As for the so called “noise” you hear??that is the man calling us to prayer?? Ever thought of when you hear it as a non muslim that maybe you should make a prayer too? We believe in one God! Just our ways are different so why all the hate?we as Muslims learn from a very young age to respect all religions and to love Jesus may peace be upon him, after all He is our Prophet and we follow many of His teachings too, but you don’t hear us say “come down with Christianity” may God forgive me. But if living in this century has to make us some kind of beings then wake up and be respectful, maybe if we all learn about each other with an open heart we will start gaining respect and appreciation for each of God’s creatures and stop being such bullies! Then we ask why is the country so messed up?? It starts with each and every soul muslim or non muslim.


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