PE high school is the latest hit by accusations of racism


It was just yesterday that an investigation was launched at a girls school following allegations of racism and prejudice by the school and its staff against pupils.

Education MEC to probe high school following girls†outcry

It emerged on Tuesday that grade 12 pupil, Unathi Gongxeka, from Lawson Brown High School in Port Elizabeth was told by teachers that she would not be permitted to write her trial exams unless she changed her hair.

Gongxeka has since accused the school of racism and said she felt “violated and victimised” when she was threatened to be barred from writing her exam if she did not straighten or tie up her afro.

According to Herald Live, the schoolâ€s principal Donovan Cairncross denied racism allegations and that Gongxeka was told to straighten her hair. Cairncross said the school was simply enforcing a longstanding hair-related rule which applied to all pupils.

Members of political party EFF arrived at the school this morning and began picketing outside with a small group of pupils before joining the rest and staff inside the schoolâ€s hall where the principal and acting district director George Lukwe addressed pupils†concerns.

Lukwe apologised to pupils on behalf of Cairncross but protestors demanded that the principal apologise for himself.

Some parents drafted letters to the school threatening to take them to the Equality Court and Human Rights Commission if it didnâ€t change its conduct.

The Eastern Cape education department said that it had received complaints from pupils at the school regarding discrimination, which it will investigate.

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