This lecturer makes her students sing if they come late to class

    We’re all so glad we’re not this “princess” who sauntered into her lecture 40 minutes late and got dressed down by her lecturer for her giving zero fucks.

    A video of the confrontation at a South African private university was shared widely on social media this week, sparking conversations about youth entitlement and questions about whether the lecturer overreacted. The Daily Vox breaks it down.

    When the student walked in late, topped up frappucino in hand, the lecturer asked her to sing a song.

    “You know I’m strict here. You know my rule. You know I don’t let anybody sit down. You have to sing a song.”

    She thought that this embarrassing, although harmless, punishment would work on the latecomer. The student had other ideas. A model of defiance, she told the lecturer she’s above this. “I’m the exception.” And why is she the exception? “Because it’s me after all.”

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    The lecturer tries to coax her. “I had to sing ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ the last time [I was late].”

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    She still wouldn’t serenade the marketing class. The lecturer then laid down an ultimatum: “We don’t carry on until you sing a song.” The headstrong 24-year-old didn’t back down. “[This is] not [a] regular 19-year-old that you’re talking to.”

    Oh snap.

    But she wasn’t done – “I don’t follow rules.”

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    When the student eventually sat down, shots were fired. The lecturer, assuming that her student is a well-mannered peasant like the rest of her class, she expected her to apologise for being late. “I don’t apologise.” You kind of have to admire her conviction.

    The lecturer wasn’t about to give up and schooled her on the meaning of ‘respect’. “So you coming in my class 40 minutes late – is that respect? Do you consider that as respect for the lecturer and for your classmates?”

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    Well, does she?

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    No fucks given.

    The student took it to the next level when she allegedly answered a phone call during the lecture. “Ok, let’s just wait for the princess to finish her phone call.”

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    The rest of the marketing class, and the person who filmed the showdown were also irritated by the latecomer. When she threw the “I have paid money to come here,” line, the student who filmed it responded: “We all do.” And it’s a shitload of money.

    A response on Facebook called her an “entitled disrespectful twat”, while someone who is a lecturer himself said that the lecturer went too far.










    This standoff is a display of power struggle between a subordinate and an authority figure. We’ve all experienced the attempts of teachers to discipline us by using humiliation tactics. The “princess”, however, wouldn’t submit but her sense of entitlement lost her any allies in her class.

    I’m sure the lecturer herself was dreaming about pulling one of these at her.

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