Leigh-Ann Naidoo’s diary on the Women’s boat to Gaza: Day 3

    Saturday, 24 September

    Today is a busy admin day. We meet the Women’s Boat to Gaza participants who have arrived so far, some from home and some from the first 2 legs of the Zaytouna’s journey from Barcelona. They have travelled 700 nautical miles to get here. We go straight from the introductory meeting into a press conference. The Mayor of Messina comes to welcome us in his “Free Tibet” t-shirt. There are group photos to be taken, a couple of interviews and some more photos.

    The plan for tonight is an opportunity for participants to give a longer testimony about why they are here. A number of locals come to engage with participants and a well-known band, with a Palestinian band member, performs. Some of the participants from WBG also perform either through music or testimony. It is a beautiful evening with participants. I go back to my room and write my diary entry. Tomorrow will be a long day so I get to bed early.

    This post originally appeared on Middle East Monitor.

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