Lesedi Mamushi on why she is running as an independent candidate

Lesedi Mamushi is an independent candidate of the Makhuduthamaga municipality in Limpopo. Mamushi told The Daily Vox the reason why ward 6 residents opted for an independent candidate. She is running under the campaign slogan of “Vote for your servant, not your boss”. According to her poster, she is the only woman running the ward. 

In Their Own Words

It’s because they are fed up and tired of the current sitting councillor. He has been sitting for the past 11 years and is ending twelve year now. Since 1994, we were never offered an opportunity to lead as women in ward 6, especially youth. This is all the while 70% of our community voters are women. We couldn’t take it anymore that the African National Congress (ANC) still ignores the call that we want and need a youth woman leader. We want leaders who will know and understand the needs of the community of ward 6. 


In Conversation with Tshiamo Malatji, independent candidate

Youth unemployment and unemployment rate is high. The lack of educational skills is still a major problem. 

During the 2016 municipal elections, there were 3 872 registered voters in the area. Of that number, 59.4% of registered voters cast their vote. The ANC received 68% of the votes, the Economic Freedom Fighters 28%, independents candidates 2%. And the Democratic Alliance 1%. The median age in the ward is 19 years old with 56% being women. 

I believe as a candidate nominated by the community that I have their support. Also I have confidence that I will win the elections. I believe that if I get elected, I will tackle the issues faced. These include such as water challenges, roads constructions, housing and sanitation, youth empowerment programmes and community development as a whole. So I urge voters to vote wisely thinking of a leader who will bring them service delivery not divide the community with greediness.


Here’s what mayors and councillors are supposed to do

A selflessness leader is what ward 6 of Makhuduthamaga needs. We don’t need political umbrellas but a servant who will know that they are voted by ward 6 people. His/her deployment – it’s not about self enrichment but working with and serving the people who voted for you. We need leaders with integrity and transparent serving the people.

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