Commemorating 29 years since the assassination of Chris Hani

April 10 2022 marks 29 years since the assassination of Chris Hani. On April 10 1993, Thembisile Chris Hani was shot and killed in Dawn Park, Boksburg (Johannesburg). Hani was assassinated by Januzs Walus, an anti-Communist Polish refugee who had close links to the white nationalist AWB. Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis was also implicated.

We remember Chris Hani through his words.

Socialism is about decent shelter for those who are homeless. It is about water for those who have no safe drinking water. It is about health care, it is about a life of dignity for the old. It is about overcoming the huge divide between urban and rural areas. It is about a decent education for all our people. Socialism is about rolling back the tyranny of the market. As long as the economy is dominated by an unelected, privileged few, the case for socialism will exist.”

“We need to create the pathways to give hope to our youth that they can have the opportunity through education and hard work to escape the trap of poverty”

“I disagree with a lot of people who think that de Klerk and others have changed because de Klerk and others have done nothing about removing the [Apartheid] forces that they created”.

“What I fear is that the liberators emerge as elitists who drive around in Mercedes Benz’s and use the resources of this country to live in palaces and to gather riches.”


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