More Women’s Month madness from “sassy” Supa Quick

Women’s Month is the marketing gift that just keeps on giving. It is only seven days into August and we have already been bombarded with the endless gimmicks and PR stunts that trivialise the real and damaging issues women face every day. The latest pathetic PR stunt comes from tyre fitment store Supa Quick.

This month Supa Quick is running a “sassy Women’s Day competition” where any woman stands a chance to win a night out for her and her three besties.

On the same page of the Supa Quick website featuring safety tips for women changing tyres on deserted roads or navigating dark parking lots, there’s also whole section on painting your toenails, fixing broken lipstick and having “a happy hair day” with dry shampoo. Because, of course, all content aimed at women should feature lip stick and high heels, preferably red.

Is it really too much to ask that companies like this do something more concrete to show their support for women’s rights and women’s issues? (This is South Africa, there’s a ton of issues they could choose to support – rape and domestic violence being just the two most obvious ones.)

The saddest thing about this campaign, and others like it, is that women buy into them and are participating in them. Perhaps, we’re taking it all too seriously. Maybe we do need a girl’s night out. Then again, maybe we need to complain loudly so that instead of merely taking advantage of women’s purchasing power they can put their money where their mouths are and support a cause.

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– Featured image: screengrab via Facebook