Ndenze ntoni na?: A poem by Xolani Henry Shezi

Xolani Henry Shezi (also known by his stage name Xolani Shezzi), an emerging poet from Mandeni, KwaZulu-Natal uses poetry as a healing mechanism to express his hard upbringing and loss of so many close relatives, some of whom he didn’t have the opportunity to establish a relationship and bond with. 

For International Day of Education, Shezi’s poem Letters to Heaven was featured on AVBOB poetry blog. Now Shezi has received a City Award nomination for hustler of the year for his poem, “Ndenze ntoni na?” The title is Xhosa and translates into “What have I done?”

Ndenze ntoni na?

Had I a pair of wings;I would flap them

Courageously,and soar straight to heaven

Gallop as the Mighty Thor;

within the sacred hallways of heaven

Demand to speak with God

Without the presence of his bodyguards

Look him in the eyes and ask:

Ndenze ntoni na?

Why is it that I’m being blissfully slapped by

Challenges on a daily basis?

Ndenze ntoni na?

Wenze ntoni na?

You! My grandest of creations,simply

Refuse to let forth the greatness that

I,the King of Kings

The God of Kings

Have bestowed

Upon you.

Ndenze ntoni na?

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