New arrivals on Uzalo heat things up with kidnapping and a love triangle

    SABC1’s most popular show, Uzalo has begun bringing in new characters to spice up the series. The Daily Vox spoke to some of the show’s fans who offered to catch us up on the baby mama drama, and anything else you may have missed.

    andile-jiyaneAndile Jiyane, 19, student, South Beach
    [dropcap]“[/dropcap]Too much drama is currently happening on Uzalo since the arrival of MaNgcobo’s sister, Jabulile. She is certain that Mxolisi is the one who killed Nkosinathi and framed his cousin Bandile, who is currently serving years in jail for the murder he didn’t commit. It seems that drama always follows Mxolisi and Mastermind, especially now that they have been convicted for stealing a car which was later found with a dead woman. Jabulile is in a mental illness institution where MaNgcobo and Mxolisi sent her after she told the police that she knows who killed Nkosinathi. She had evidence but MaNgcobo found the photograph which was evidence that Mxolisi is the killer and destroyed it.”

    mfundo-mthembuMfundo Mthembu, 24, student, Durban
    [dropcap]“[/dropcap]Uzalo is currently my favourite show on SABC1; the drama is so real and entertaining. Currently Smangele and Ayanda’s pregnancy saga is my favourite part because I can’t wait to know what will happen now that Sibahle (Ayanda’s new girlfriend) knows about it. Since Sibahle arrived in the township, things between Ayanda and Smangele haven’t been pleasant. Since her arrival, it’s like she has Ayanda under a spell. MaNzuza and Dlomo were not happy about Ayanda and Sibahle’s relationship but they have finally accepted it and Dlomo has given them his blessings. But I wonder if his blessings actually matter now that Ayanda is going to be the father of another woman’s baby.”

    nokwanda-mlamboNokwanda Mlambo, 22, student, Glenwood
    [dropcap]“[/dropcap]I love Uzalo; I find it relevant to the kind of life we are exposed to in townships. The series is currently at a boiling point, with Ayanda and Smangele having an on-and-off relationship. It’s funny how Ayanda will always find a home in Smangele even though he is convinced that he is in love with Sibahle. Smangele has been going through a lot lately including her father’s grave saga. His brother, Mastermind wanted to do an unveiling for their father but they discovered that another person was buried on top of their dad’s remains. She went through stress and Ayanda was there to help her get through it, which led to them finding themselves in bed together. Unfortunately for Sibahle, Smangele found out that she is pregnant with Ayanda’s baby.

    silindile-ntombela-1Silindile Ntombela, 21, student, Durban
    [dropcap]“[/dropcap]Mxolisi and Mastermind have been found guilty of stealing a car and each sentenced to three years. Ayanda told his mother that he has to marry Smangele now that she is pregnant with his baby and Sibahle overheard the conversation between them. Sibahle has been kidnapped by an unknown man and Dlomo and Ayanda are searching for her. MaNgcobo has appealed to MaNzuza to unite for the sake of Mxolisi but MaNzuza is not prepared to do anything that associates her with the Xulus. Nosipho is convinced that Mxolisi and Mastermind are guilty of the murder case of a woman whose body was found in a car they tried to steal.”

    simphiwe-ntuliSimphiwe Ntuli, 23, student, Durban
    [dropcap]“[/dropcap]It seems that there is more dazzling drama coming our way on Uzalo with the arrival of Amos, who has kidnapped Sibahle. Nobody knew about the mysterious girl’s (Sibahle) previous shenanigans until the arrival of the man she used to work for as a prostitute. Sibahle just rocked up in the township a few months back, searching for her father without anyone knowing where she was coming from. She proposed to Ayanda a few days back not knowing that Smangele and Ayanda are expecting and when she found out, she couldn’t help herself but run, not knowing what awaited her. She is now in the hands of the man she would rather forget about and her boyfriend is going to be a father. I just can’t wait to see what will happen next now that Amos has finally found Sibahle and Ayanda feels guilty of Sibahle’s disappearance.”

    Featured image via Uzalo_SABC1 on Twitter