Nomboniso Gasa’s 33-tweet lecture to SA’s #WhiteTwitter

White Twitter was never going to be ready for Nomboniso Gasa’s 33-tweet lesson on the role of #WhiteTwitter. (There were actually 34 tweets – two separate tweets were numbered as “5”.)

Gasa is a researcher and analyst on gender, politics and culture in South Africa. Her expertise in these areas, together with her love for microblogging, have made her something of a go-to-person on these issues. Gasa is known for her multi-part Twitter lectures, which often concern race, class and gender.

On Monday afternoon Gasa turned her attention - and that of her 15,000 followers - to White Twitter, something she had not done before.







Gasa said this was the last she’d tweet about #WhiteTwitter but it wasn’t meant to be. She posted an 18-part follow-up later that same day. (You can read that series here.)

It’s unclear exactly what set Gasa off on the topic but she later tweeted a follower saying, “Generally, I don’t waste my time on #WhiteTwitter. But this ‘we built this country’ & historical distortions gets my goat!”