NWU-Pukke: “Pukke is the only Afrikaans campus left, where must we go?”


There’s been mixed reaction to the article about a black student’s experiences at the North West University Potchefstroom campus with some former and current students echoing her sentiments and others disagreeing. Marie Venter*, a fourth year student at the campus approached The Daily Vox to tell the “positive side” of Pukke. She spoke to Pontsho Pilane.

There has been a lot of negative press about the Pukke campus when it comes to issues of transformation. I have chosen to speak out, as a white Afrikaner student, to share my side of the story.

When I first read the article, I was disappointed and hurt by the fact that Masego feels unsafe at the university. I am ashamed that she has been treated that way, but I don’t believe that it was a racist incident. Some people are just rude – even us white girls at the university get called names by white guys. I am not saying that she doesn’t have the right to be scared and angry, but we all face such incidences.

It’s important that we realise that the Pukke is a campus of NWU and not an independent university. The other two campuses, Mahikeng and Vaal, are mostly, if not entirely, English and they also offer some course in Setswana. Pukke is the only remaining Afrikaans campus in the country and if it also becomes fully English – where should Afrikaans students go to study?

Many Afrikaner students here, myself included, prefer to study in Afrikaans. I don’t like English – it reminds me of the brutal history of how the British colonised the settlers in South Africa. Maybe black students can say the same about Afrikaans and apartheid, but apartheid wasn’t all bad and we mustn’t dwell on it so much. It is in the past.
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Last week, the ANC Youth League was protesting on campus, calling for transformation. They were singing songs like “Kill the white people” – this is what scares me about the way people are addressing this transformation thing. Why can’t they find better ways to address the issue? Protesting and rioting disturbs our classes and creates disunity among the students. It is not good to protest like this, students must promote unity.

The black students that complain about feeling excluded are not trying to fit in, they exclude themselves. If there is an empty seat next to me, a black student would rather sit at the back than next to me – what does that say?

To say the campus is racist is too much, there has been transformation. In my first year we had five Maths lectures a week and two of those lectures were in English. For transformation to happen, we must all compromise – both the black and white students. Last year, many of our beautiful and loved res traditions were scrapped – we were devastated but we understood that that is the compromise we need to make in order for unity to happen.

The black students must realise that there are two other campuses they can go to and many universities that also teach in English. Is it so bad that we want to learn in Afrikaans?

* Name has been changed
– As told to Pontsho Pilane
– Featured image by DeWet via Wikimedia Commons



  1. I think it’s anyone’s right to want to learn in their language and celebrate their culture. That said, I don’t agree with what she’s saying about compromise. Black people by and large have nothing more compromise. I think the only feasible way forward is for us to focus on building world class institutions that will be truly inclusive and representative rather than spend too much time and energy trying to transform old ones.

  2. I beg to differ. First of all apartheid was that bad it taught you hatred towards black people and also to see yourself way better than a darker skinned person. Now at this campus there is a cap to the admission of black students because of the fact that you don’t want us there. Hostels are white on white and black on black , coloured sharing what is that. Clearly racism. But you wouldnot know that since apartheid was not that bad. The issue of sits is a plane lie, rather u whites would not sit next to us u would skip a sit even God is my witness. This campus breeds racism. All its practices are white and racist. Tell me of white there aren’t interracial genuine friendships in this campus. We are there we know. We are sorry you are taught to hate but if it means u go back to Holland for us to feel home in our original birth land then let it be.

    • Tshidiso, to tell us to go back to Holland is not the answer. For more than 350 years, South Africa has been our homeland as much as yours.
      We should accommodate and learn to love others like ourselves regardless of race, sexuality or religion. Until that can happen, we will stay bitter and full of hatred towards each other.
      I pledge to sit next to a black student in my next class if there is a seat open and I pledge to start an inclusive conversation with that student and build better relationship with him/her. And I dare you to do that with a white student. Love for each other, community and unity starts with me and you and we need to realise that and stop blaming others, systems or our ancestors for the problems we are facing today. I hope to land next to you in class in the near future!

      • That being said, I don’t feel the same as this girl about many points she has made. Apartheid is as much a hurtful memory for you as the Anglo Boer War is for white South Africans. Also, in a racially tense climate it is easy to feel isolated, and when you feel isolated, it is only natural to “exclude yourself”. I believe it is my job to include you, but it is also your job to look past my white skin and see that there can genuinely be good in a white person. I am sorry and ashamed that you have been treated the way you have by white fellow students in the past, and I support your cause for a parallel syllabus presented in English, IF you present your requests in a proper way, not threatening to kill or hurt others or break down infrastructure in the process.

      • first start leaning the language of your black friends if you have one… that is start….of only accepting that we are different and you dont see yourself better than the other.

    • Okay Tshidiso Apartheid was a travesty to say the least and a crime to large parts of society.

      But to say that whites should go back to holland so that you can feel home in your “original birth land” is a bit unfair dont you think?

      First of all, this statement speaks volumes about the hatred you yourself experience towards whites. I wasn’t taught to hate and if you see all white people in that light then you are surely generalising people and just classifying them and have certain perceptions about them just because of their race. Sound familiar?

      Second of all. I can almost say with certainty that the boundaries that make up South Africa as you know it today aren’t your original birth place. Unless you are Khoi or San. The rest of us all came from other lands. Furthermore, my ancestors have been living here for 11 generations. I doubt you can say the same.

      The point that I wish to make is not one of entitlement, as you are doing, but rather that we are all South African and regard ourselves as such and thus we must rather work together and try and understand the others hurt, shame and history. And not wish the other away

      • What you speak like I am talking about you…please note if it heats hard then there is a reason for that….but anyhow I can tell you that there is nothing left but to see you all the same because most of you are like ‘racist’ and hate black people….issue of origin my friend is not that i sailed to this land if you imply that yall people were here first…and khoi people are black and have my hair my build and thick lips…i an abo-rigin. and the history books that were written by most of yall people lack the truth…..And yes I still maintain IF it means..please take IF in to consideration…that you have to go back to holland then le it be….its not like you even call yourselves Africans (believe me I have asked your people they maintain that they are not africans and as well as coloureds, they say that they are not african…so if someone says THEY are not….who am I to tell them otherwise…….

    • First of all I’m not white but it’s not your land,you blacks forgot about the khoisan or bushmen that roamed here before your uncle Shaka.

      • When the bantu arrived in south Africa. The khoi and San were not racially discriminated against, killed and raped
        secondly, most xhosa’s, batswana and some coloureD People are direct descendents of the khoi San. Stop justifying the behaviour of your people.
        If you showed respect to the people of this continent they wouldn’t be asking you to leave. the
        Khoi san are black, Zulu, sotho etc are black. you arent

        • Please excuse me, I fear that I do not understand your statement Palesa.

          To discriminate is to make an distinction between two groups and even to treat a person from another group unfairly. Usually warfare creates discrimination. Are you therefore implying that there was no warfare between the different peoples of Southern Africa?

          Furthermore most white South Africans who has lived a few generations in Africa would also find a black ancestor if they look closely enough, so I fear that is not a valid argument.

          Lastly, I do not think you can identify yourself with another person’s history or heritage just because you share a skin colour. I cannot share a French person’s heritage just because we are both white.

          Just my thoughts, any comment is welcome.

        • When reading through the comments you get an awful lot of “us” and “you”. An important distinction to make…. if you are going to war. It may sound as if I am splitting hairs, but I do believe that the “us”/”you” mentality is predominant in any conversation about infrastructure and the future and history of South Africa. I think that it betrays a core problem in South Africans. We still think of South Africa as a pie that is to be divided for consumption, instead of seeing it as a fruittree to be nurtured by a united South Africa. (Please tell me if I sound a bit too melo-dramatic)

          I believe that we should celebrate each culture within South Africa and even focus on our own culture within limits. But when we talk about our future, the future of South Africa we should leave the “us” and “you”.

          • I’ve sat with Afrikaans people my whole life , I know how they talk they refer to Black people as English speaking people another of saying niggro and with the mere fact that Afrikaans should be just removed is a yes indeed.

            Afrikaans is one of the languages that were introduced by colonists from Germany and the Netherlands

            English is the only language that can change black peoples lives , as a black persons we really don’t care about learning in our language, it’s predominantly not enough to give you a future in this marginalized country and globe of ours.

            We want to learn in English cause it’s the only language that makes a difference.

            Africa should stop hiding from the fact that Afrikaans people are so sensitive to racism, majority of Afrikaans people are from racist homes.

            Pukk ,all the Afrikaans schools and universities will all be sued for racism. All we want as Black people is to Africa great again but you tell a kid who grew in the roughest parts in Africa to learn Afrikaans.

            No wonder why the international students are from Namibia.

            I’m sorry to say during this harsh time of LGBTQ+ , Government knows is a must that Afrikaans be removed and then we all learn in English causing unity automatically without no hesitation.

            Cause African languages are more then learning at school ,they involve culture and have rich traditions and some much art that it cannot be transitioned into learning math or science cause it never tried to be like that.Segregation must always fall. Soon there will be nowhere to hide for white people , live with Black people and there is no second option. We everywhere thanks to your ancestors.

    • Actually black people arent originally from South Africa either..maybe you should look into the history of South africa as it was the Koi-sans who were originally found here. The rest of us just came here to avoid persecution and to find a better place to live.

  3. This girl is genuinely funny, English reminds her of British colonialism and we should forget about Apartheid because it wasn’t that bad? This article was written by a proper privileged person. The preservation of Afrikaans is a good thing but it should not be an obstacle for majority race in the county to get access to higher learning. I come from the University of Pretoria, Afrikaans students receive their classes in their mother tongue, English classes are available what is so special about pukke that it has to be solely preserved for afrikaans students. This is the new South Africa if you resist transformation, trust we will force you to transform, if you don’t like and embrace it drop out because you are in no way special that you should be exempt from it.

  4. “Maybe black students can say the same about Afrikaans and apartheid, but apartheid wasn’t all bad and we mustn’t dwell on it so much. It is in the past” … This is, “belaglik”(sp) as white Afrikaans people would say.
    LMAO, are you serious? They should scrap AGLE/AGLA and replace it with HISTORY and maybe… just maybe you will realise how bad apartheid really was and why it’s effects are still present today.

  5. As an Afrikaner, I honestly don’t believe this article is entirely representative of a shared feeling among us all. Undoubtedly, I share her sentiment with regards to the Puk being the last truly Afrikaans campus in the country – why begrudge us that?! I chose the Puk for being Afrikaans. I chose to study my courses in Afrikaans. It is a privilege that I am grateful for – that I still had that choice!

    I must however differ from her stance towards English. I choose Afrikaans because I am proud of my language and my heritage. Not because I hate English. I choose Afrikaans because that is how I grew up and what & who I associate with. Not to exclude myself, nor exclude anyone else. In fact, I love to learn from, and interact with people different from myself. But why does this (freedom of) choice brand Afrikaners as a whole as racist? Is it such an intolerable idea to be proud of my own heritage – regardless of the good or bad entailed with it?

    I also strongly differ with her view that “Apartheid wasn’t all bad” – no amount of good (which there might have been) could ever justify all the bad of Apartheid. With this she unfortunately (and perhaps inadvertently) screams “white privilege!” Yes, (most) white people are historically privileged – and perhaps just even acknowledging this more readily is a healthy step in the right direction. That being said – it saddens and frightens me that there is an almost primeval hatred for everything that represents Afrikaans. And this in the name of nation building and inclusion? Do you not think that we also want a better SA? Do you not think that we also want to work WITH our fellow South Africans to build a better country? Yet, we are seen as the big threat to those ideals? And our cancerous government is conveniently looked passed in this regard? Why is any institution representing Afrikaans seen as excluding others? I say again – we don’t want to exclude anyone – but this is something we choose! If I choose to be a meat lover, I won’t go picketing outside the single store catering to vegans for excluding me?! I’ll go to one of the stores that caters to the masses by selling meat. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to eat meat, but I respect their choice and I leave them be. Should I perhaps choose to experience the vegan lifestyle, I am sure they would be more than happy to receive my meat eating self. It’s a crude comparison, but it should serve the purpose somewhat I would hope – and this is what this girl is saying, or trying to say…

    This campus certainly does not breed racism, and we are certainly not taught to hate – you believing this shows perhaps that you might be taught something removed from the truth. And I also cannot see a “forced transformation” without any breaking down first – so, if you want to break down in order to get what you want, please just stop dancing on your moral high grounds first.

    But back to my argument – this is but one facet of a multidimensional argument – and I enjoy positive discourse aimed at improvement of the whole. I commend Zano in particular for his sensible comment – let us not waste energy and resources on transforming the old, for some of us might want to choose the old – let’s rather build world class, inclusive and representative institutions together, so that more people can have the privilege in a choice of studies!

    • People are so bothered by the fact the Pukke is Afrikaans that everyone has forgottwn about all the other universities that are English!
      Why make us give up everything because of what people whom we have nothing to do with and never have met did to other people whom we have never met… Yes I know we are descendants from them… But also remember a lot of things have been placed so that you could live a better and fair life! BEE,the 40/60 hiring(black=60), unions to fight for your right, 30% blacks in sport teams.
      What more do you want? I see Xenophobia and the killing of other people who did jobs here on SA and blacks complaining that Zimbabwe people are taking their jobs(but most of them were unemployed)they literally said that someone took the job that they anyways did not want originally.

      I am not a racist, I get along with black people amazingly well and I befriend them. I just don’t understand why we must give up so much to the point that nothing is Afrikaans anymore… We give so much to you and you just keep on taking…
      Racism wasn’t a thing people were born with, I am sorry to say but black people cause it upon themselves by singing things like “kill the boer” and act like they are entitled to everything, we had to work our asses off to come where we are (excuse my french) , I went to school with the idea of what I did there and what I wanted to achieve after and I see the black students not giving a damn… So what does it say? You expect to get everything without any hassle(not everyone of course) and without doing anything.
      They are given the oppurtunity to study and build a career yet they slack off in school and at the age of 25 strike about not being employed and that it is because of racism… Why can’t you see we are trying to help when we want you to learn Afrikaans, we had to learn English?? Most Afrikaans people know Zulu and/or Sotho. We compromise for you so why is it so hard to compromise for us?

      • 1. Wealth is South Africa is predominantly in the hands of white people
        2. BEE has not changed this, managerial positions still in white hands, property, business owners still white
        3. OECD stats say that SA has the LARGEST inequality in the world
        4. As a black student I must know my home language, I must know English, I must know Afrikaans. I don’t have the Privilege of CHOICE.
        5. I am a Economics masters students in 2015, I have been told I can’t have a job because I don’t speak Afrikaans.
        6. language is POWER it dictates where we must study, what kind of job we will get.
        7. And because of your privilege and wanting things your way, you don’t want to learn things in English like the rest of us. Black power have to continuously bend over backwards, to fit in
        8. Why don’t you try fitting in and bend over backwards and see how far you will go having to learn and get a degree in a language that has been imposed on you.
        8. No one wants anything on a silver platter! I work! I fight to be brilliant to better myself and your presumptions on people of colour and not realizing their plight speaks volumes on you and your character.
        9. Have a good day living in your bubble of privilege!

        • listen here person…..first and foremost you don’t get to tell us that “we have already given so much to you” implying blacks!!!!! CHINEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your audacityperson is absolutely mind blowing, you say “excuse my french ” yet you have ‘given’ us a lot already i mean who are you? you come to our land and BAAAAM you are entitled to giving us things HAIBO. You seem to forget that we also compromise when we learn English which is reasonable since that’s a universal language but to ask us to ‘compromise’ by learning afrikaans is unreasonable shame!

    • DWS its very dificult to find an afrikaaner who speaks positively like you about the country.There is something i want to know here,who says there must be no afrikaans?would you disagree if i say at NWU-potch campus there must be english classes so that students-especially black,who do not understand afrikaans are able to feel and accumulate fresh knowledge from the lecturer not the second-hand information from the translation devices.The problem with students is to think in terms of afrikaans or english university.to say students must not go to potch because of the language is just not a solution,this university offer some programmes that are unique to it which will help to take SA forward.Now to say they must not come there means non of them will get those skills.It is good for afrikaans to be preserved but for afrikaaners not blacks.The problem with the students both black and whites is that they do not talk to eachother and thus do not understand each other

    • Yippy want the privilege top be taught in your own language at university, which is denied to the vast majority of South Africans. The fact that you feel entitled to this is a BIG problem. There are no South African universities teaching in Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, teams, Pedi, Ndebele, etc etc but you think you’re entitled to have a university in your language, even tho you’re a minority. All uswhite Africans need to recognize that we need to learn African languages and actually make these much more part of daily life in South Africa. I’m struggling to learn Xhosa at the moment. I should have known this language at the same age I learned to speak Afrikaans, instead I an ignorant and it is shameful that we expect these privileges of learning in our own language, when the majority do not have that privilege.

    • why must you have that choice as an afrikaan’s speaking person when i as a black person don’t have that opportunity of deciding which language to be taught in cos i’m just shoved with english which is not my mother tongue. is it because you are perhaps more special than i am? make me understand why you deserve this opportunity that i do not get.

  6. All you students never suffer apartheid you learned a word from your parents so you go with the fl,that’s why people look down on you because monkey see monkey do.

  7. The only way to concour Racism is to make sure all races are academically and Economically strong.

    Build a black University having all the standard facilities for research and teaching, employ qualified staffs to work there. Believe me best Afrikaaners students will see it as a place to be..

    • we suffer from apartheid nw because we inherit what apartheid offered to our parents-we were born,most of us by poor,uneducated parents some live with out them because they were killed by the apartheid regime

  8. Half of the youth of today who are acting out wasn’t even part of apartheid. We have to stop looking at race and language… We are all people who love this country equally… Why do we have to burn down building and kill each other… Transformation is there to give equality isn’t it wrong then to give all the privileges to blacks…. We are all the same, we are all people.
    I’m a Afrikaner and have many black, English friends… Why not just leave the Puk no one is getting hurt because it is Afrikaans

    • So I have to be apart of apartheid to feel its effects? I will be ok ONLY when we are equal where it matters wealth and power.

      And f.y.i please go look at OECD, look at stats SA, look at any reputable Source and see where the power really lies in S.A. No talk of BEE cause it hasn’t worked only benefited bigwigs, look at actual statistical data! Proof, people of colour still least educated, least access to land, least business owners, etc. and unfortunately the is power in language.

  9. “Apartheid wasn’t all bad” . The lies the core of the entire issue, ignorance. Most of us have lost family members to the struggle, and yet apartheid was not that bad. Black people were deprived of education, yet apartheid was not that bad. Black people were butchered like animals , but yet apartheid was not that bad. Majority of black people lived and still live in pverty, but yet apartheid was not bad. It’s such ignorance and the resistance to accept that one is previledged compared to the average black child that got us to this situation. We not saying Afrikaans should be abolished, but all public institutions should accommodate all South Africans, and not just a handful. You talked about compromise, we are learning in English , we compromised our African languages, why can’t you compromise your language.

    • Apartheid was wrong… But is it still necessary to blame it on the youth who had nothing to do with it… There are a lot of white people who also live in poverty… Why say we should help them and not just say help everyone living in poverty… Isn’t it better to have equality for all rather than just one race. We are all people. The Puk has English classes and translators in most Afrikaans classes why change something that works

      • How many white people live in poverty. Statistically I believe it is around 5% comparable to the majority of people of colour.
        No one blames the youth of PUK that is silly. But it is wrong that POC have to bend over backwards to learn English and Afrikaans for education, to better themselves. But it seems Afrikaans people want the comfort of only being taught in Afrikaans,
        So we bend,
        We have to fit it
        We have to find a way around
        We still have to excel over obstacles.
        I would love to be taught in Setswana, but I don’t have that privilege. Let’s all struggle with this English thing together guys

        • Nobody is forcing anybody to study in Afrikaans. It is a choice. Just like a student chooses to study at the Puk, and just like you choose what you study. But the problem is now that the people are forcing students to study in English. With no other option. That is not fair. And that is not equality. I’m sorry. But equality is catering to everyone’s right to education in their home language. Rather than taking away, why don’t we build up and give everyone a chance at a good education in their home language by building new and improved universities to work alongside the existing ones? We really do need to stop focusing on what happened in the past, you don’t drive forward by looking in the rearview mirror. It is time for us all to unite, and strengthen this country, so that we can excell. South Africa is a special country, hel man hierdie is ‘n lekker land! Let’s respect each others cultures and keep it alive. Viva la Rainbow nation!

  10. I just want to thank everyone for giving constructive, non-racial comments. The comments on the other article got way out of hand. I find myself enjoying to read comments like this and it makes me think of both sides of the argument(and even begin to understand).

    Myself as a white male constantly wish that apartheid never happened (I can’t even begin to think how a black person must feel about it.), it caused us to end up with a bruised/broken South Africa. I know it will be hard to forgive and many more years before it is forgotten.

  11. Michelle , I get where you coming from , but of the system was working , we would not be debating this. Why can’t classes be offered in English and then translated into Afrikaans. No one is blaming or punishing the white youth, but it’s up to you to to realise that you have benefited from the apartheid system , indirectly.

    • Maybe we did benefit in the past but that is long gone … I am currently working on a research paper for a class, and data shows that the biggest reason student come to Potch is because of the Afrikaans classes… Why take that away when the rest of the universities offer mostly English. But I understand the need to get classes in your preferred language and that is the reason why I study here…

      • My wish for this country is to grow as one. To stop seeing colour and see people, because we can grow and be able to compete with the best countries in world… I really love the country and want to stay here. But nothing is going to change if everyone takes from each other. Why not just live in harmony together.

  12. The thing is , when you get taught in Afrikaans , automatically, all your technical knowledge is in Afrikaans, them what happens? You go work for a corporate entity where most of the employees are Afrikaans and automatically use Afrikaans as a language of business! When a black hire comes in, they automatically feel excluded and are told to learn Afrikaans or sink( they pull the this is a free country card, we can speak whatever language) because they don’t understand Afrikaans, that’s what we mean by institutionalized racism. It’s there and it’s suttle.

    • I understand what you’re saying. But in my Course we do all our projects in English as well as presentations. Our textbooks are also English. And in today most jobs and companies are English.

  13. You share the same wish with every other young South African . But we just can’t pretend that injustices were not made. We can’t sweep things under the carpet. We also want our country to move forward . But what is sad is that after so much blood was shed , people paid the price with their lives, we still experience racism every other day, at work, when you walk into certain shops, when you are seen walking with a white person, at schools. It’s subtle, that’s why we can’t do anything about it. It easy for someone who does not relate to such experiences to say let’s forget the past and move on, I don’t blame them though.

    • What you say is true, and yes there is still racism. But apartheid is far behind us, yes people died and it was wrong… The past can hurt but rather learn from it and move on. I really am sorry that racism is still part of daily lives, and I hope I can make a change in someone’s life. I know you can’t just forget what happened but it happened a long time ago.

  14. It’s funny how everyone can easily say that we need to move on from apartheid and let go, but I have never ever heard someone tell a Jew to move on and let go of the holocaust.Just saying !

    • I only have one point i would like to share! Why go through all the trouble to try and change pukke and all this talk about being privileged and unprivileged but have you taken a second to think the money used by our president on his private residence illegally was enough money to build a new university? The government is the one stealing our money whitch can be used to build new university’s for students of all languages

    • Stephen, my friend. Don’t ask stupid questions. You cannot ask white people why white lives matter more than black lives.

      In the above article, I believe your question is answered when she states: “I don’t like English – it reminds me of the brutal history of how the British colonised the settlers in South Africa. Maybe black students can say the same about Afrikaans and apartheid, but apartheid wasn’t all bad and we mustn’t dwell on it so much. It is in the past.” When black lives are lost, that falls under the category of: Its in the past it must be forgotten. But when white lives are lost then we need to do all in our power to make sure they never have to be reminded of their oppression.

      Don’t be mean. You could predict every possible answer that Michelle could give to your question because in no way (especially considering her previous concerns of people being considered people irregardless of race, culture or language) could she possibly justify that.

  15. I wish people will start to realise that you cannot grow and prosper by breaking down and destroying. The only way forward is to build. If you want something better for the future, work together and build a better future. At the current rate we have been breaking down things that has existed and worked. Now we have very little that works and eventually our children will end up with even less. I do not understand this mentality. If you have something that works and you dont like the fact that it was built by the Afrikaners, use and maintain it till you can build a better one, then move on. Breaking structures down till nothing works does not sound like a clever way to prosper. Just because someone has something that works, why interfere. Pukke have 3 campuses. Choose the one that best suits your needs. I am sure there are great lecturers that speak Afrikaans and they may not do so well if forced to lecture in English. Do we then just get rid of them. Can we as a country afford to waste any further resources? We dont seem to have many left.
    Just saying

    • No one is trying to break down or destroy pukke. There was no suggestion of: Lets burn down pukke because they teach in Afrikaans. People are arguing for equality, whether you believe it or not.

      The argument is not that afrikaans is bad or represents hate its that this country does not live with afrikaans as a medium, anymore. When you hear Jacob Zuma speak to the nation in English, with his slurred words and incorrect pronunciation, he does this because he needs to be inclusive. With the same argument this article tries to justify, our president should be allowed to speak in his mother tongue when addressing the nation. And that shouldn’t be his fault. Because the news can provide translators for those who don’t understand. You need to understand that having a particular university or campus that teaches in Afrikaans is not inclusive, which ever way you look at it.

      People who are fighting for transformation are not fighting for black domination, they are not trying to steal from your Afrikaans culture. They are fighting for equality because if it hasn’t occured to you yet, English isn’t an African language, there are many languages African languages less inclusive that English (e.g. Afrikaans). These protests are for equality. Understand that. Process that.

  16. I hear you. My point is just that this country needs building. If we spend as much energy on building and improving things for the future as we do on eradicating things from the past we will be in a much better place. If we spend all our efforts on ensuring that your University is the best there is, people will come to your University out of free will and the Puk campus will cease to be a factor by itself. It does not matter if your University is UKZN, Rhodes or Medunsa. There are more than one way to bring about change. Why does it always have to lead to conflict and destruction? It almost appears to be aimed at taking apart what has been created rather than creating and building our own, newer better solutions.

    Lets work together to build a new better future for our children.

  17. Most people babble when it comes to the subject sans and Khoe khoes.
    1. For starters; because they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    2. They don’t even know who are these so called Khoisans.
    3. On top of it; they see Khoisans as a different stoke to the rest of Afrikans in South Afrika. That’s the divide and rule strategy whites have employed when they see themselves not winning in their lies.

    It’s out of these reasons why they have politicized the subject of Khoisans for their own political expediency.

  18. And nobody has any comments regarding Sipho’ s general statement about “them and they”?

    I suppose a brother is always right ne’

  19. These comments are clear proof of the destruction mentality some people face. Many call for building the nation and creating an united future which is inclusive of all cultures, regardless of what happened in the past. South Africa has a difficult and brutal history for each of the cultures. But we were united by one man, Nelson Mandela, creating a democratic nation. Do you truly think rioting on campuses and taking down statues and changing languages was part of his vision? People focus so much on all the bad that happened during Apartheid, and use it to overshadow all that is currently happening. This country is in very deep waters and we are currently experiencing more deaths and hatred killings (no matter what colour is involved) than ever before.

  20. You can jump off the wall trying to act relevant, but you’ll fail. Keep on glorifying apartheid, but it won’t win you anything, only until you engage directly on my so called generalization with facts; for now you’ve got nothing except lies and wishes.

    • We don’t want to glorify apartheid because it is not possible, and why would we want to? We just want to look at the future instead of forever looking back. Apartheid was created by not all(just a few) white people in power, not all white people liked or even agreed to it, they were just raised to accept it. Just like today we are raised to accept Zuma’s corruption(I AM NOT COMPARING APARTHEID AND ZUMA AT ALL! I am just showing how easy a human being can be at accepting something that they think they can not change). Today every South African can see how bad apartheid really was and what it caused. It is really tiresome to be forever reminded of apartheid, I wasn’t even born then. We can’t change the past, the past is in the past, so all I really want is to look at the future. It seems whenever someone doesn’t like something or wants to change something, like Afrikaans in a university. They are like, well apartheid happened so now you must do what I want. There are SO many English universities(Good ones).

  21. You get tired of hearing about apartheid, imagine us living with the consequences, how t do think that makes us feel! By supporting that Afrikaans should remain the medium if instruction at this universities, are you not ultimately supporting the segregation of Afrikaans speaking people from black people, which is a principle of apartheid. You want to move from apartheid and build a better future for the country , but you still support the ideals of apartheid, segregation. How different is it from the people in Orania who do not want to associate with black individuals. Yes the are a lot of English universities, but that is not the point. The point is that anyone should be able to chose the university they want to go to without a language being a factor , and that is freedom, what we insisting on. And yes the government is corrupt , I despise that and it drives me mad, but at any day , I will rather vote for a corrupt government than a government that would threaten my freedom, whether directly or indirectly.

    • I answered the part about Afrikaans below. I am glad to see that we at least completely agree where the government is concerned. To hear how they waste money is sickening, and even how they manage the country. It is strange how I completely agree with this and I will quote it(since we haven’t been agreeing much thus far) “I will rather vote for a corrupt government than a government that would threaten my freedom, whether directly or indirectly.”

  22. Marie, Nelson Mandela’s dream was to have a non-racial, non-sexist democratic country. Can you truly tell me that having an Afrikaans university is non-racial ?

  23. How are you different compared to the apartheid government , you resisting change that will benefit the entire nation rather than a certain race or just Afrikaans speaking people

    • I think wanting one university to remain Afrikaans is a lot different then apartheid. It will benefit the amount of students using the translation services if it were to change to english right?(not whole nation). While at the same time it will be a disadvantage for the amount of students not using the translation services that specifically went to the NWU(Potch campus) because of the language. Just look at the percentage it would benefit against the percentage that it would harm and then we should have our answer. There even is another NWU campus that is mainly English so I really don’t understand the issue.

  24. If you’re tired of apartheid talk, get over the Anglo/boer war talk too. And accept English as a medium of instruction in your campus!

    But I don’t think you can do that!

  25. Not all white people created apartheid; true to that! But they all benefited from it, systematically and otherwise, hence some wants to preserve apartheid through a language.

    Black people don’t cry their languages in universities, they accept English as a medium of instruction, though it is a language of the oppressors to both the Dutch and Afrikan stock, but hoo; the other group sees fire with English.

    • We should not see a language and apartheid as the same thing. I truly would not mind if a university was build of any African language, I just would not go there because I would not understand.

  26. What purpose will that serve ? other than more segregation, segregation of black students from white students, that’s still apartheid. You should mind cause that will mean blacks on one side and whites on one side. Does that not defeat the purpose of a rainbow nation ? . And you only saying that because you know its not practicable. How are we going to convert all educational materials to 11 official languages, building an African language university will mean building 9 universities with all South African languages. We do not want a university that offers courses in the African languages. This in not about language , you are not getting it, its about inclusivity of all races. If you want Pukke to be an Afrikaans university , then it should become a private university that does not get subsidised by the government , because its not reflective of the democratic government.

    • What you are saying are making sense, I did not think of it that way. Just understand that I do not mean to cause segregation, I really only would like to study in my language.
      I meant more like one of the most used African languages, it would not be possible to build 9 universities in the short term.
      NWU is reflective of the democratic government is it not? It has three campuses that suits the needs of everybody, you just have to choose the right one for you.

  27. I think the issue here should not be about going English only route of Afrikaans only route. I believe all universities, which all recieve grants from the government, should make provision to ensure that no student is deprived an opportunity to study because of language. Let universities continue to be places of learning and not be turned into places to celebrate one’s culture. Traditional Afrikaans universities should make provision for non Afrikaans students to be taught at least in English I think. It would be fruitless to suggest Zulu, Setswana, etc medium universities. I think we will be pushing our little resource a lil bit too much. Imagine if Pukke was to accommodate all languages. You will need 11 lecturers for the same course. I think most blacks have somewhat settled for English and some for Afrikaans. Let’s us not deny people access to education on the basis of language. There are 12 or so universities in SA, I think 3 or so being previously exclusively Afrikaans. Our fathers messed it up and lot of people list their livelihoods. People sold their freedoms for us to be where are. Lot of people traded their dreams of as long as their kids can have opportunities they never had. They settled for being maidservants, garden boys, skunk of society, and were prepared to forget as long t can be better for their kids. The least all can do in various institutions of learning is to embrace and compromise. Let’s leave out kids a better unified SA.

  28. i also think its unfair for blacks whats done @ puk coz even us english is not our mother tongue,we went to black schools bt we understand that it is a medium language & we r fine about beating our tongues,we really r struggling to adjust to english bt we dnt have a choice. dnt u think its unfair for us too,that we must always compromise yet there r people who were born priviledged,still are. and we must col it a democratic country for all??noo i dnt think so


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