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Karen Jeynes“Okay. That’s it. I’ve had enough. THESE ARE THE ALL CAPS OF ME HAVING HAD ENOUGH,” writes KAREN JEYNES.

Can all the whining white people all over Twitter and Facebook please shut up? Just shut up. Stop talking about how stupid ANC voters are. Stop talking about how you’re convinced the EFF are going to kill you in your sleep. Stop calling people baboons. Stop behaving like Helen Zille is the true saviour of South Africa. For the love of Woolworths, stop pretending like you and only you know what Nelson Mandela would have wanted. Stop saying that anyone who voted for the ANC deserves poverty and AIDS and crime. Take a deep breath, and stop.

I’m not, for a second, going to stand here and say the ANC are saints. They’re not. Zuma is not a man I’m proud to call my president. But we’ve just had an election. And whether or not a few boxes of ballots went astray, the vast and overwhelming majority of this country voted for the ANC. And your snide, patronising belief that you know better than them, that’s the slippery slope, right there.

Smugness will eat you alive. But maybe, just maybe, the ANC still have an overwhelming majority because the alternative that voters are being offered just doesn’t cut it. Maybe this is demonstrating the failure of the opposition to really, truly address the issues that voters care about. Human beings are not pure beacons of logic, floating in space. We are emotional beings. That doesn’t make us stupid, it makes us human, not robots. The ANC means so much to so many people. And like it or not, the DA represents so much to so many people.

The ANC brought us democracy. The ANC ushered in our constitution. The ANC have brought a huge amount of change to this country. The ANC have good policies. Why are we consistently creating things to be afraid of? We don’t have enough real problems in this country, we want to have endless paranoid debates about what might happen in your imaginary futures? People are not voting ANC “to support corruption” or “because they don’t care about this country”. So kindly remove your privileged head from your arse.

And while I’m losing my shit, no, I didn’t vote for the ANC, I voted for the EFF. And I wish they’d got more seats. I do think it’s time for change in this country. But not your kind.


Karen Jeynes is a creator of things: plays, films, TV shows, novels, radio dramas, articles and book reviews. Her plays include the multi award-winning “Everybody Else (is Fucking Perfect)”, “Wake up and smell the coffee”, “Kiss Kiss”, “I’ll Have What She’s Having”, and “Laying Blame”, as well as “Vaslav”, “The Best or Nothing” and “Pineapples and Casual Racists” all premiering in 2014. She serves on the boards of Women Playwrights International and the International Centre for Women Playwrights. She is obsessed with reality television, Good Omens, chaos theory and Nutella. She edits, a home for wordnerds. You can find her on twitter @karenjeynes.


  1. Yes, yes. Completely agree with the ‘no suitable opposition’ sentiment, but that still doesn’t explain why the ANC gets votes when it’s so very shit.

  2. This is a piece written by someone that, in my opinion, attempts to grab on to mighty righteous democratic sounding statements.

    There are many good alternatives other than the ANC. The previous leaders, who were great leaders, brought the change. The current leader is a schmuck. I pay my taxes and I voted, so I have the full fucking right to bitch and moan as much as I like to. Fuck your statement re WHITE PEOPLE bitching about it – there’s a whole truck load of BLACK PEOPLE also bitching. Your intent to sound non racist failed. Your judgements are lacking in facts and should be reviewed.

    I believe in a free and fair election – ONE BALLOT being doctored is NOT FAIR. Your complacency is exactly what’s wrong with this country. I am ready to fight for the rights that have been brought about by the ANC. And that includes ousting the current president and getting someone more competent in. No, it doesn’t have to be Helen Zille. But it sure as shit ain’t gonna be Malema. Talk about voting for the wrong reasons.

    This is the biggest crock of shit I’ve read today.

    *harrumph* storms off *

  3. Karen, your youth and immaturity plays in your favor.
    Do you actually belief that it was the ANC which brought democracy and the changes to SA? Yes, the ANC was part of it ,but was certainly not It.
    This you will only understand (with all the millions of other “innocent souls in SA)once you understand how consciousness and the collective works.
    With something like 51% of all Taxes spent on Grants it makes total sense that the people receiving those will vote for the ANC- but also they were told that it will be taken away from them if they don’t vote for the ANC.(Expressed to me by workers living in the townships)
    You write that the ANC has good policies- I agree but those policies are useless unless you have competent people executing and putting those policies in place.
    Then you write that we don’t have enough real problems in this country.. really? Did you smoke something just before you posted this?(Sorry, I had to ask)
    I guess that all the independent statistics about murder, violent crimes, abuse, corruption, the state of our medical health system, education system and alike are all just smoke.
    People are voting ANC because they personally get a free piece of the cake, or are uneducated and still belief the white man will bring back Apartheid or simply don’t have the level of awareness to fully understand that most of their fellow comrades don’t have what it takes to make this a fabulous country for all its citizens.
    To give you an idea of what it takes to build a country look at Germany. I came from Germany to live in SA a week before the Berlin wall fell (that was October 1989)- and yes, I never saw any human being living here in SA through the filter of Apartheid simply because I never had those blinkers put on to me.
    Please do yourself a favor and look up what people with common sense , a high level of social responsibility and intelligence can achieve. Former East Germany was in total shambles plus the East Germans were Brainwashed into believing that the West was evil and out to get them. There are some pretty good parallels compared to this country.
    Unfortunately, it is the black African tribal way to only serve their own tribe.
    I have been a witness to this for almost 25 years now! There is no success story anywhere in Africa as far as I can see it- but please proof me wrong- I hope so for every African soul

  4. Now seriously your are opening about people that does not shut up and then you continue on the same trend with just a little bit of “on the other side”. And you confirmed your ignorance and stupidity as soon as you said who you voted for …
    Just about explains everything – this is our youth that we need to build a country with …
    Absolute chaos …..

  5. Congratulations on your attempt to prove that you have black friends. Your white stigma is gone. You can write poems in townships and be accepted as a true comrade.

    Oh wait. No.

  6. I completely agree with Charne (a few posts above)

    But the what stands out the most is … You voted for the EFF?… there are no words

  7. This was an easy article to write. It’s not good journalism; it’s little more than a whiney rant about other people’s whiney rants.

    Know what I’m sick of? People blogging about shit just because they can. When their opinion is so cookie-cutter that every sentence they use feels like it rolled off a mass-production line. When people post a warmed-over batch of rehashed phrases they know will resonate with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, without saying one damn thing that’s new or incisive.

    The harder, more admirable path would’ve been to actually expend some effort speaking to people in the voting queues, trying to get a real understanding of why people think the things they do. Your Facebook feed is not the whole country; it’s just your echo chamber filled with people who’re sycophants at just the right frequency to not-quite annoy you. And if some of what you’ve been hearing has been overheard, shame, it’s none of your business. Because like it or not, people are entitled to their opinion, even if it’s uneducated, ignorant, misguided or just plain wrong.

  8. Congrats! You’re an uber liberal! Your own smugness at being one has clearly destroyed your ability to rationalise constructive criticism. You seem so quick to want to appear to be one that you seem to disregard the legal questionibility of an accusation of misplaced ballots. Maybe, just maybe, those whining about ANC votes and a better voter education are neither white nor DA supporters. Maybe just maybe the voices you’re hearing are the ‘bornfree’ voices dissatisfied that their futures are run by corruptible officials. Maybe, just maybe whinging about misplaced ballots is completely in line with that corruption. Maybe, just maybe those who’d like better voter education is in order to create an actual viable alternative. Maybe, just maybe, you need to stop your own ranting and raving and see that all aspects of this country make it tick as it does. Black and White

  9. I would firstly like to say that I am a 29 year old black woman who was born in 1984, so this obviously means that in 1994 when SA saw their 1st democratic election, I was 10 years old, so no I was not part of the apartheid struggle. My father however was, he was in the 1976 Sharpville protest youth marches, he was put in a potato bag by the apartheid police and thrown in a river left to die. By God’s grace he’s still alive today. MY POINT.

    My dad DID NOT VOTE for the ANC, and he’s so saddened because as he says in his own words ” I NEVER THOUGHT THERE WOULD COME A TIME WHEN I WOULDN’T VOTE FOR THE ANC”. The African National Congress is NOT the party that Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Thambo formed, yes it’s still bears the name, but it definitely no longer upholds the codes upon which it was built on.

    I for one am sick and tired of being emotionally manipulated by the ANC and their supporters with their constant reminders of the fact that black people wouldn’t be here if it were not for the ANC. Yes that’s true and no one denies that, but we can’t use history as our daily bread, life has moved on. I want an ANC that can show me present progress, NOT refer me to what they did in the past, I am interested in the here and NOW.

    Unfortunately, South African is made largely of uneducated, lower class black South Africans who have been indoctrinated to believe that voting another party into power would be opening the flood gates for the return of the apartheid regime. I know this for a fact because I have had many conversations with people from the informal sectors who have all said one thing and one thing only, Yes they are dissatisfied with the ANC, but they would rather choose the lesser evil, which is to continue to live in a country with poor service deliver from the ruling party than to vote for change and risk losing their freedom to a ‘ WHITE GOVERNMENT’. THAT MY FRIENDS IS WHY A MAJORITY OF BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS STILL VOTE FOR THE ANC. It matters not what you say to these black South Africans, they vote out of fear for the return of the apartheid regime, and the ANC knows that and they use it to their advantage. HOW DO I KNOW THIS.

    Did you see before the election how these little half hour documentaries on TV were playing taking us back to pre-1994, showing the cruelty and the injustices done to black people by the white apartheid government? Well I did and they played a segment everyday for 3 weeks straight, if not on SABC 2, it was on SABC 3 on a different time slot. Ask yourselves why? Now don’t get me wrong we all need to be reminded once in a while about where this country comes from, to preserve our history and to be grateful for the Democracy that we now enjoy, but when people are being reminded about where South Africa comes as a tool to manipulate them into fear of ensuring they don’t vote for change, then there’s something wrong with that.

    The EFF is not a party I can vote for because it’s leader is INDECISIVE about where he wants to be. Just yesterday Julius Malema was saying and I quote ” WE ARE PREPARED TO TAKE UP ARMS AND KILL FOR ZUMA” , today he’s singing an opposing tune to Zuma because he’s no longer on the ANC’s payroll, NO THANKS, that’s not a display of character and integrity and I cannot trust someone like that to run my South Africa. (just my personal opinion) So NO Karen I am NOT going to stop whining. I may not understand the intricacies of politics, but you don’t need to be a genius to know there’s something wrong when a country that’s experienced so many service delivery protests builds a home for R246 million for their state president. THAT DOES NOT NEED ROCKET SCIENCE INTELLIGENCE. It’s pretty obvious something’s wrong there.

    I do however believe that NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE, the NATIONAL PARTY Never thought it would ever be unseated from power, and I can see the ANC is on the same gravy train, unless they change how they govern this country and start delivering, their day will come FOR SURE, I believe it will.

  10. Yes the ANC has ushered in South Africa where it is today, and please take a good look on the international scale where that is.

    Keep living in your dream world. EFF hahaha Malema will gut you while you sleep.

    What a load of shit.

  11. Karen u welcome to your short sighted version of life. I voted too. I emigrated to Costa Rica rather than be taxed for this corrupt goverment. Enjoy your stay. Pay your etolls. Survive your robberies. Share your idiocy with others like you. Bye

  12. Thank you for posting this. I am a white female 30+ and while I personally would not vote for ANC it’s 100% certain that if I were black I would NEVER vote for a white party. Based on the white ‘s track record in this country it’s completely obvious and a no brainer. I am so sick of hearing white people spew hate filled insults degrading Africans. YOU are the exact reason why they don’t and SHOULDN’T trust whites with their vote – your intentions and motives are clear, you don’t give a shot about their plightr or suffering. You say they are ignorant for voting ANC when ANC does nothing for them, but I can bet you that you’d no more have their best interests at heart if they voted your way. And at least they’d know that they wouldn’t end up disenfranchised and treated worse than animals again. When the average white South African realizes how much better he has it than the poor majority of this country, and when they really start giving a shit instead of just playing lip service, when whites demand change for blacks and work to see that happen, THEN you will have the right to ask an African person to consider voting they way you do.

  13. I’m a black, 35, year old female. Educated, went to multi racial schools, earning a good living. The reason I’m telling you all this is because all I ever hear about black people is that they stick with ANC for grants, are ignorant, from townships etc. I live in Houghton. It’s not only the poor who vote ANC. We, the educated do to and I’m not going to go into detail about why because WFT couldn’t have said it better. Call me racist if you want but I will NEVER vote for a white party. I voted ANC this time because there is just no black opposition worthy of my vote. I have friends who have tried to live in Cape Town but come back after 6 months cause ‘white’ people there think it belongs to them. And are very racist, you see it on schools, work even malls. If black people can’t live freely in Cape Town I will not want to be part of giving Zille the same powers over Gauteng. I know Zuma is not fit to be called president but his term will be over in 4 years and with the way people are voting right now I’m hoping the next ANC president will wake up and take us back to where we were before Zuma. ANC is not just one man. And until such time we have a good strong black opposition I will be voting ANC and never for a white party. Yes, call me ignorant and stupid but that’s my personal opinion.

  14. I’m a 24 year old coloured female, so all I remember about apartheid is it being drilled into my head all through school. Yes I understand what people went through back then, and I went through 23years of my life never being a victim of racism, I never knew what it felt like. UNTIL, one day I walk into a cookie shop owned by a white woman, serving in her own shop, I’m standing @ the counter with my son waiting to pay, this woman ignores that I’m standing there and decided to make a phone call instead, a few minutes into her call a white guy walks in, she ends her call and goes out of her way to assist him, I left what I was about to buy and walked out, with teared filled eyes and my son says “mommy what’s wrong” and I couldn’t bring myself to answer him afraid I’d choke on my tears. I got home and didn’t even tell my husband about it, I tried to convince myself it was all in my head but the more I thought about it the more I realized it wasn’t, I felt victimized and this was NOTHING compared to what people were victims are in apartheid, but what the government and the “vast majority” of SA forgets is that coloured were victims of apartheid too. My parents and grandparents went through the same thing all blacks did. But coloureds did not benefit from the BEE, we were not included in the Quota that needed to be filled with blacks, in apartheid we were treated as blacks and after the blacks didn’t even acknowledge us. WTH, who do we vote for? Yes ANC Freed SA but the ANC then and now are different, they ride on the sacrifice and progress of the THEN ANC and they MILK it now. I am not racist, one of my bestfriends are black, I have a white brother inlaw. Not all white, blacks or coloureds feel the same, I know I can’t generalize but because we are still saying black white or coloured apartheid still exists. Their is no unity in what suppose to be a democratic country. This is apartheid in reverse and again we just get caught in the cross fire because our skin colour and hair texture could go either way.
    LULUGIRL u are awesome. We all live in this country, we live under this government, we are victims of their corruption, it is our right to whine

  15. I dare you to repeat that drivel after watching the video I shared on Facebook. It’s amazing the artists in South African are able to selectively ignore the reality of the situation both in life here and the facade called vote 2014. I assume this because you people have to be on some kind of medication either legal or not. Now go FIGURE!

  16. I support Lulugirl, and I love what she wrote.

    A lot of people here are jumping down the authors throat, but I commend her for writing and getting people to share so openly. There is much that can be learned from our shared experiences.

    In my opinion, the results of this election are not as 1 sided as they appear. Consider the numbers of votes and voters. There were 31 million eligible voters in this country. 24 million of them were registered voters. Out of that, only 11 million voted for the ANC. Roughly 20 million people didn’t vote for the ANC!

    These are the stats that don’t get reported. I believe a change is possible and our people are waiting for a credible alternative. I think that the EFF getting 6% of the vote from nowhere, is a sign that people want an alternative. The same occurred with COPE 5 years ago. Perhaps when the unions crumble, new alternatives will start to emerge.

  17. “For the love of Woolworths” lol … that’s exactly how we perceive those suburban cardboard politicians, reinvented racists and bourgeoisie moralisers. Thank you for setting it straight. We know what they are. They know who we are.

  18. Lulu girl rocks- Karen get to realize social media swings in all directions – I have to read about how whites will never lead again – blah a blah blah is this right or is it racist – it is actually irrelevant I get on with my life and I realize that one thing you will never stop is people commenting on current topics and the elections are current – I mean you telling people to stop commenting before the final result is confirmed is really a sign of self importance – who do you think you are ? The voice of reason maybe well I say fuck you let people vent and say what they want and in a week or so everyone will get back to trying to squeeze out a living after their salaries have been milked dry by the excessive taxes that fund the bullshit leadership lifestyles

  19. […] Effectively a rant about a rant – re Saffer’s (only white, apparently) response to the election results. Look, I agreed with her in some ways as the post got going, but then she effectively turned into exactly what she was slamming, and as if my faith had not been shaken enough in her lack of mature opinion, it all ends with her proudly stating she voted EFF. Look out for the comment by LuluGirl – it’s eloquently put from the stance of somebody who I feel is far more qualified to provide social commentary than the whining self righteous author on exactly what’s wrong with our political parties and our voting population in general. Hat’s off to you, LuluGirl, whoever you may be 🙂 […]


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