Outrage over anti-religion, anti-Hindu film grows


Film critics in India are demanding that the new hit film ‘PK’ is banned across India with immediate effect, The Daily Vox can confirm.

Leading film analysts have filed an FIR, and launched a Change.org petition, accusing the film of a terrible plot, poor acting, and not being accurately representative of the industries’ anti-religion undertones.

“It takes legitimate questions about religion, asked by brilliant thinkers and scientists, and puts into the hands of a semi-naked, fully autistic, bird-brained naked alien,” Vinay Screwvala, film producer and critic, said.

Artists and filmmakers in Bollywood, known widely for their anti-theist views, are said to be furious the film passed the censor board.

“The film should be banned. Just for being crap.” Scewvala said

To be sure, it is not just the far left wing God-haters who are upset with the film.

The move comes after the controversial film, starring heartthrob Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, continued to raise the ire of far right-wing Hindus across the country, over its anti-Hindu, anti-religion stance.

The Hindu far right says the film makes “a mockery of our Gods and belief system, despite making valid points about the banality of Christianity and Islam.”

It is an accusation the makers of PK deftly deny.

“This movie was made to destroy Aamir Khan’s career; if anything, it should offend him, and no one else,” director and producer RajKumar Hirani said.

PK is about an alien (played by Aamir Khan) who desperately needs to retrieve a special transmitter to find his way back to his unnamed planet. His case is seemingly so ridiculous to the common man, woman and human, that he is repeatedly told to “ask God for help”. Along the way, he befriends Jaggu (played by Anushka Sharma), a journalist with low self esteem and a pitiful job, who decides to tell his story.

The movie shifts into an anti-religion soiree when it becomes clear that shaming a con-artist Hindu-guru who had taken possession of the special transmitter was the only way he was likely to get it back.

But it is the film’s subtext that set tongue’s wagging.

Jaggu had fallen in love with a Pakistani during her studies abroad but decided to leave him when she discovered his poor hand-writing.

“I think if the Pakistani would have been gay, it would have been gone down better with our audiences,” Vasu said.

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