This poem celebrates Ahmed Kathrada’s life

    In the wake of the passing of Ahmed Kathrada, Anglican priest and Dean of Cape Town Anglican communion Michael Weeder penned a poem commemorating Kathrada’s life.

    Ahmed Kathrada: 1929 – 2017

    Tender love has been your shield
    and courage your apron of servanthood.

    Your soul, once awash with longing
    for comrades who shared with you
    the frugal feasts of your island fort,

    now rest unburdened of the weight of care
    that led you to the certainty of prison.

    You returned to the streets of struggle
    in the spring of our revolution
    your heart embalmed with the will
    and strength of the Almighty.

    With a mystic’s grace you embraced
    the shaming contradictions of unfulfilled promises,

    and pursued the discipleship of mind and body
    undeterred by the clamour of glory and the lure
    of the Sabbath of the veteran.

    Sweet, gentle brother of the people,
    you leave us, strengthened by your kindness
    your fearless reprimand of the soul self-evictees.
    Those led by the morally blind.

    Rest in the certainty that you leave us
    beatified by your exemplary witness

    as we gather, unbowed, against the merchants of greed
    in this season of reckoning and gathered resolve.

    Michael Weeder via Facebook

    Image via Ahmed Kathrada Foundation